Cyber Centre releases Baseline Cyber Threat Assessment on Cybercrime with support from RCMP

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Ottawa, Ontario – August 28, 2023

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) has released the Baseline Cyber Threat Assessment on Cybercrime, with support from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), to inform cyber security professionals and Canadians about the threat to Canada posed by global cybercrime.

In this assessment, the Cyber Centre addresses cybercrime’s early history, the development of the most significant cybercrime tactics, techniques and procedures, and the nature of the global cybercrime threat and its implications for Canada.

It also outlines the following key judgements:

  • Ransomware is almost certainly the most disruptive form of cybercrime facing Canada because it is pervasive and can have a serious impact on an organization’s ability to function.
  • Organized cybercrime will very likely pose a threat to Canada’s national security and economic prosperity over the next two years.
  • Financially motivated cybercriminals will almost certainly continue to target high-value organizations in critical infrastructure sectors in Canada and around the world over the next two years.
  • Russia and, to a lesser extent, Iran very likely act as cybercrime safe havens from which cybercriminals based within their borders can operate against Western targets.
  • Russian intelligence services and law enforcement almost certainly maintain relationships with cybercriminals and allow them to operate with near impunity. They do so as long as cybercriminals focus their attacks against targets outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Cyber Centre is committed to working in close collaboration with its partners in government, critical infrastructure, Canadian businesses and beyond to raise awareness of and defend against cyber threats to Canada.

About the Cyber Centre

Part of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), the Cyber Centre is the Government of Canada’s technical authority on cyber security and the single, unified source of expert advice, guidance, services and support on cyber security operational matters.


“Cybercrime is a growing threat to Canada and one the Cyber Centre takes very seriously. As cybercrime activity continues to rise, we must take the necessary measures to mitigate the risks. The good news is that even the most basic cyber security measures can help prevent cyber incidents. We encourage Canadians and Canadian organizations to engage with us to obtain trusted advice and guidance on cyber security. Collaboration at all levels is key as we work to minimize the impacts of cybercrime in Canada.”

- Sami Khoury, Head, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

“The National Cybercrime Coordination Centre works with police and partners to reduce the threat, impact and victimization of cybercrime in Canada. As a result of our work, we see the evidence and consequences of both basic and advanced cybercrime attacks everyday. All Canadians should understand what is outlined in the new Baseline Cybercrime Threat Assessment so they can join police and partners in combatting cybercrime through prevention, awareness, reporting and recovery planning.”

- Chris Lynam, Director General of the National Cybercrime Coordination Centre and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

“Cybercrime is borderless, multifaceted and constantly evolving; therefore, no organization can combat it alone. Combatting cybercrime is a priority for RCMP Federal Policing and we will continue to work tirelessly with national and international law enforcement partners, to communicate, coordinate and take down cyber criminals.”

- Bonnie Ferguson, Assistant Commissioner, Federal Policing Criminal Operations  

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