Competition Bureau seeks feedback on artificial intelligence and competition

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March 20, 2024 – GATINEAU (Québec), Competition Bureau

As part of its commitment to engage with Canadians on emerging issues, the Competition Bureau has published a discussion paper on artificial intelligence (AI) and competition for public consultation.

The discussion paper explores several considerations for how AI may affect competition in Canada.

With AI affecting many sectors of the Canadian economy, the Bureau is aiming to promote discussion and grow its understanding of:

  • how competition is developing in AI markets;
  • how the Bureau can protect and promote competition in AI markets; and
  • how the Bureau can be prepared to address competitive harm from AI.

The Bureau is seeking feedback from those who do business in AI markets, as well as those who have expertise or experience with AI technologies and their potential impacts.

Interested parties are encouraged to provide feedback on the issues raised in the discussion paper, or to bring other issues to the Bureau’s attention.

Each submission received by the Bureau will be published on its website unless the provider requests that it be kept confidential.

Feedback can be submitted until June 29, 2024:

Digital Enforcement and Intelligence Branch
Competition Bureau
50 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 0C9

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