Port-Cartier Institution

Closed for visits

Please note that Port-Cartier Institution, in Quebec, is closed for visits due to the evolving forest fire emergency situation.

Port-Cartier Institution

Chemin de l'Aéroport
PO Box 7070
Port-Cartier, Quebec
G5B 2W2

Tel: (418) 766-7070
Fax: (418) 766-6258

Port-Cartier Institution, located in the north shore region of Quebec, is easternmost federal penitentiary in the region, as opposed to the other institutions in the region which are in the centre of the province. Port Cartier Institution is located approximately 600 kilometres from Québec city.

Port-Cartier Institution, a stand-alone maximum-security institution, is based on a triangular design model, with direct observation living units.

Rated capacity: 237

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