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  1. Select the form you wish to complete from the list below (select the PDF link to download the form)
  2. Print the form
  3. Complete the form by hand

Please complete the entire form and ensure all required documentation (if applicable) is enclosed. Failure to do so will result in your form being returned or delayed in processing.

  1. Sign the form
  2. Forward the completed form by mail to the office closest to the institution; refer to:

To consult the commissioner's directive (or the guidelines) related to each form, select the link in the Related CD (GL) column.

Important information

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For more information read Adobe’s Solutions to common issues viewing PDFs from a website.

CSC form number Form title Related CD (GL) Pages
1395E Authorization for Release of Personal Information (PDF 71 kB) CD 704 1
0308E Request for Transfer to Canada (PDF 78 kB) CD 704 2
0309E Request for Transfer to a Foreign State (PDF 70 kB) CD 704 1
0530E Declaration of a Common-Law Union (PDF 74 kB) CD 710-8 1
0531E Statement of Voluntary Participation and Consent for Private Family Visits (PDF 56 kB) CD 710-8 2
0614E Information form in support of a request for transfer to Canada (PDF 86 kB) CD 704 4
0653E Visiting Application (PDF 76 kB) CD 559 3
0653-01E Visiting Application: Child Safety Waiver (PDF 240 kB) CD 559 1
0740E Volunteer Application: Information (PDF 48 kB) CD 024 2
1193E Citizens Advisory Committees Application (PDF 66 kB) CD 023 4
1279E Institutional Access CPIC Clearance Request (PDF 207 kB) CD 564-5 1
1291E Application for an InfoPol Account (PDF 108 kB) CD 701 1
1323-05E Post-Rescue Medical Report (inmate/offender) (PDF 52 kB) GL 254-1 1
1323-06E Post-Rescue Medical Report (staff) (PDF 62 kB) GL 254-1 1
1429E Request for Victim Registration (PDF 276 kB) CD 784 11
1524E Victim complaint form (PDF 49 kB) CD 786  

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