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Media Relations is committed to working with media to best inform the public about Correctional Service Canada (CSC).

Our aim is to maintain positive relations with the media and to provide timely, accurate and meaningful information. We understand journalists' deadlines and we are committed to responding as quickly as possible.

You can find our news releases by visiting the Media Room.

Releasing information to media

For members of the media, Commissioner's Directive (CD) 022 - Media Relations explains what information CSC can publicly release under access to information and privacy laws. CD 022 also explains what information CSC can legally provide to media about offenders under its jurisdiction.

The personal information that CSC may share publicly is based on:

What we can share about all federal offenders
  • The fact that an offender is under CSC's jurisdiction
  • An offender's full name
  • An offender's current offence
  • The court that convicted an offender
  • The start/end dates and length of the sentence an offender is currently serving
  • Eligibility dates for temporary absences or conditional release (e.g., parole), if applicable
  • An offender's statutory release date
  • Names of offenders who have died in custody
  • Names of offenders who have been victims of serious assaults where criminal charges have been laid

What we can share about federal offenders who are unlawfully at large:

  • An offender's age and date of birth
  • Previous offences for which an offender was convicted
What we cannot share
  • Any information about individuals who are not currently under CSC's jurisdiction (e.g., former offenders, offenders who are serving a provincial sentence, individuals in police custody, etc.)
  • Any other information about an offender's file (e.g., security level, risk assessment results, etc.)
  • An offender's location, and whether they are in an institution or in the community
  • Information about an offender's participation in correctional programs
  • Health information for any federal offender
  • When/if an offender received a temporary absence or conditional release
  • If an offender was involved in an incident while in custody where criminal charges have not been laid
  • An offender's alias(es)
  • Any previous offences for which the offender received a record suspension
  • Parole Board of Canada decisions (PBC). Please contact PBC:

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