Correctional Service Canada national procurement plan, fiscal year 2014-2015



The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) is the federal government agency responsible for administering offender sentences of a term of two years or more, as imposed by the courts. CSC is responsible for managing institutions of various security levels and supervising offenders under conditional release in the community.

The objective of this CSC National Procurement Plan is to provide industry and the public information regarding CSC's anticipated contracting activities for fiscal year 2014-2015, including a list of planned major procurement requirements.

CSC Procurement Planning

CSC produces a National Procurement Plan, as part of its business planning cycle and investment planning activities, to identify projected procurement activities and provide strategic information on the purchases the department makes to fulfill its mandate and meet operational requirements.

Through improved procurement planning, CSC has streamlined it procurement processes and is better able to plan its purchases, while at the same time respecting existing policies, regulations and trade agreements.

CSC's Projected Major Procurement Activities

CSC's procurement plan identifies projected major procurement activities (see Table 1). In adherence with the principles of access and transparency, the list aims to provide potential suppliers with a view of CSC's planned procurement activities in order for them to be prepared to respond to the demand.

Important points on the list of projected major procurement activities include:

Fair, Open and Transparent

In line with other departments that procure goods and services to meet corporate objectives, CSC strategically manages procurement spending, risks and efficiencies through an established departmental procurement governance structure. This structure is complemented by a framework to ensure that contracting and materiel management activities at CSC are conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner resulting in value for money and sound stewardship of public funds, while meeting broader government objectives such as encouraging aboriginal business development and green procurement.

CSC is committed to ensuring that competitive procurement is standard practice by seeking tender proposals on the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) or from a minimum of three (3) suppliers for procurements not subject to trade agreements.


Statistics on contracts issued by departments and agencies are publicly available as part of the Government of Canada's annual Purchasing Activity Report. This report is used to provide statistical analysis of the processes and tools through which government contracting is conducted.

Information on Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) standing offers and supply arrangements can be obtained through the website. This website is the central procurement resource for federal government buyers and industry suppliers.

For current CSC and other Federal Government Department issued open competitive solicitations, please refer to the GETS accessible through the PWGSC's Tenders website, the online system that advertises contracting opportunities to potential bidders.

The site provides valuable information for businesses that want to supply goods and services to the government and includes:

Is the list helpful? Let us know!

In its ongoing effort to engage and provide access and information to the supplier community, CSC would like your views on whether this list of projected procurement activities will help you provide procurement solutions to CSC.

NOTE: We will not respond to requests for additional information on a specific procurement activity included in the list. Details relating to a specific procurement activity will only be available once the solicitation is formally released.

Please send your comments or requests for information related to this Procurement Plan to:

Director, Contracting and Materiel Services
Telephone: 613-943-9616

Table 1: Projected Major Procurement Activity: Fiscal Year 2014-2015

Title of Requirement Brief Description Region of Requirement Est. Value
(incl. option years)
Ammunition Multi-year contract for the purchase of ammunition National $2,693,000
Equipment Contract for security equipment National $657,500
Hospital Services 1 year contract with options for emergency trauma care services National $688,000
Main Communication Control Post (MCCP) Multiple contracts for MCCP reconfiguration at Institutions National $1,500,000
Professional Services 1 year contract with options for IT application assurance services National $1,220,500
Professional Services Multi-year contract for business analyst services National $842,000
Protective Services 1 year contract for the provision of Commissionaires at NHQ National $1,049,500
Testing Services Multi-year contract for psychological testing for CX candidates National $1,995,000
Software 1 year contract for integrated development environment software. National $357,000
Software 1 year contract for software assurance licences National $920,000
Software Maintenance 1 year contract for business intelligence software. National $411,000
Training Multi-year contract for training on management of Senior Offenders National $260,500
Training Multi-year contract for skills enhancement training for Offenders National $637,500
X-ray Equipment Multi-year year contract for x-ray baggage scanners National $2,825,000
Community Based Residential Facilities (CRF) Various regional contracts with options for multiple CRFs Multiple regions $305,027,000
Elder Services Various regional contracts with options for Elder Services Multiple regions $6,834,000
Physician Services Various regional contracts with options for general practitioner services Multiple Regions $15,338,500
Dental Services Various regional contracts with options for dental services Multiple regions $3,312,500
Food Various regional standing offer agreements for the provision of food products to institutions Multiple regions $13,154,000
Equipment Multi-year contract for equipment and tool rentals Atlantic $420,500
Construction Various construction contracts at CSC Ontario facilities Ontario $13,000,000
Health Services Multi-year contract for general health services Ontario $645,000
Fire/Life Safety Systems Testing & Inspections Multi-year contract for Maintenance Services for fire suppression and fire alarm installations Pacific $840,000
CORCAN Construction Various contracts for CORCAN construction Pacific $3,500,000
CORCAN Textiles Various contracts for CORCAN Textiles Pacific $1,105,000
Waste Management Services Various multi-year contracts for garbage services Pacific $1,512,000
Nursing Services Various multi-year contract for dialysis nursing services Pacific $1,043,500
Nephrology Physician Multi-year contract for haemodialysis and nephrology physician care and support services Pacific $419,500
X-Ray Services Contract for the provision of x-ray services Pacific $325,500
Volunteer Coordinator Services Multi-year contract for volunteer coordinator services Pacific $330,500
Accompaniment of High Risk Offenders Multi-year contract for supervised transport services Pacific $314,800
Vocational Services Multi-year contract for first aid training courses to Offenders Pacific $258,500
Janitorial Services Multi-year contract for janitorial services Prairie $369,000
Nursing Services Multi-year contract for nursing services Prairie $7,500,000
Community Reintegration Program Multi-year contract for the Community Reintegration Program Quebec $300,000
Electrical Products 1 year contract for the supply of electrical products to institutions Quebec $400,000
Waste Management Services 1 year contract for garbage removal services Quebec $500,000
Hospital Services Multi-year contract for medical services Quebec $2,800,000
Integrated Correctional Program Model (ICPM) Multi-year year contract for the ICPM services Quebec $675,000
Laboratory Services 1 year contract with options for laboratory services Quebec $880,000
Heavy Machinery Multi-year year contract with options for various heavy machinery requirements Quebec $1,200,000
Optometrist Services Multi-year year contract with options for optometrist services Quebec $470,000
Pharmaceutical Services Multi-year year contract with options pharmaceutical services Quebec $2,000,000
Physiotherapy Services Multi-year contract with options physiotherapy services Quebec $480,000
Psychiatry Services Various multi-year contracts for psychiatry services Quebec $9,000,000
Sewer Maintenance Services Multi-year contract with options for sanitary sewer maintenance Quebec $1,300,000
Snow Removal Services Multi-year contract with options for snow removal services Quebec $1,425,000
Translation Services Multi-year contract for translation services Quebec $4,400,000
Transportation Services Multi-year contract with options for transportation services for CORCAN linen Quebec $1,300,000
Workforce Integration Multi-year contract for workforce integration workshops for offenders Quebec $1,000,000
X-Ray Services Multi-year contract with options for x-ray services Quebec $325,000

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