Community Corrections

Most of Canada's federal offenders serve part of their sentences in institutions. The rest of their time is served in the community, where they must follow certain conditions and are supervised by parole officers.


Learn about the three key aspects of community corrections: supervision, programming and community involvement.

Types of release

Learn about the different types of releases available for offenders, under current legislation.

Assessment and supervision

Learn about how parole officers maintain CSC's key link with supervised offenders in the community and manage offender risk.


Learn about the structured environments where an offender can reside when released from an institution.

Employment programs

Discover how CSC helps prepare offenders for a job in the community upon release. Find out about CORCAN and community employment services.

Hiring an offender

Discover how quick and easy it is to hire skilled labour for short- and long-term employment. Review wage subsidy programs for your area.


Find relevant research related to community corrections.

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