Manitoba Metis Federation and Government of Canada announce joint action plan on Advancing Reconciliation

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September 22, 2018 — Winnipeg, MB — Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada — Manitoba Metis Federation

The Government of Canada is committed to working on a nation-to-nation, government-to-government basis with the Métis Nation to advance reconciliation and renew the relationship through co-operation, respect for Métis rights, and ending the status quo.

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, and David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba Metis Federation, today announced the parties have agreed to a three-part plan for moving forward together to advance reconciliation with the Manitoba Métis Community.

In order to support this plan, Canada will provide $154.3 million to the Manitoba Metis Federation as the parties continue to work to advance reconciliation.

As the first part of this plan, the Manitoba Metis Federation will use a portion of this funding to invest in areas it has identified to improve the social and economic well-being of the Manitoba Métis Community. This funding will form part of the reconciliation package that the parties are jointly working toward.

Secondly, the parties will work towards reaching a self-government agreement in a timely manner that recognizes the Manitoba Metis Federation’s legal status, role and jurisdiction as a Métis government and implements the Manitoba Métis Community’s vision of greater self-determination.

Thirdly, the funding will support the Manitoba Metis Federation’s transition from its current corporate structure to a self-governing Métis government.

While much work still remains to be done, this announcement demonstrates concrete progress through the ongoing negotiation process established between the Manitoba Metis Federation and Canada with the November 2016 signing of the Manitoba Metis Federation-Canada Framework Agreement on Advancing Reconciliation.


“After years of struggle and successive court decisions that affirm the Manitoba Métis Community’s rights and the need for reconciliation, we finally have our negotiating partner in the creation of the province of Manitoba back at the table in a meaningful way. This announcement signals a turning point in our nation’s history. No longer can our unique history, rights and self-government be denied. Moreover, this announcement will allow us to set a new course for our community and citizens for generations to come. I want to commend Prime Minister Trudeau for his support of the Métis Nation and following through on the commitments made to our people as well as acknowledge Minister Bennett’s tireless efforts. Today is a momentous milestone for Riel’s people.”  

David Chartrand,
Manitoba Metis Federation President

“We are moving forward as true partners at the negotiating table to begin to put reconciliation into action. This is a truly historic process and we look forward to working with the Manitoba Metis Federation on solutions that promote a lasting and meaningful reconciliation for the benefit of the Manitoba Métis Community and all Canadians.”

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, M.D., P.C., M.P.
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

Quick facts

  • The 2013 Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. v. Canada decision of the Supreme Court of Canada relates to a constitutional grievance of the Manitoba Métis Community dating back to the 1870s.

  • In Manitoba Metis Federation v. Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada issued a declaration that the Crown failed to diligently implement Section 31 of the Manitoba Act, 1870.

  • Today’s announcement is the result of a Framework Agreement for Advancing Reconciliation that established a formal negotiations process in November 2016.

  • Canada will advance $154.3 million to the Manitoba Metis Federation once the parties have completed their work on a negotiated agreement to finalize the details of such a transfer.

  • The self-government negotiations with Manitoba Metis Federation are the first such talks to get underway with a Métis collective south of the 60th parallel.

  • As the overall negotiations move forward, the Manitoba Metis Federation will continue to engage with the Manitoba Métis Community to seek their input.

  • The rights and interests of third parties, other Indigenous peoples and all Canadians will be respected and addressed during the negotiations.

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