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Other Canadian government departments and agencies

DRDC works with other Canadian government departments and agencies to jointly address challenges of common interest. DRDC shares its experiences with other science-based departments and agencies and collaborates on joint policy issues through the Integration Board, thus removing barriers to collaboration and moving towards more efficient delivery of science within the Federal Public Service.

DRDC also collaborates on specific scientific projects with other government departments and agencies, leveraging facilities, resources and networks. Several memoranda of understanding frame joint activities that range from a single joint project to long-term partnerships.

DRDC partners with other Government of Canada entities to jointly deliver on mandates and enhance the capabilities of the Canadian innovation system via guided science and technology activities. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and DRDC jointly manage the Research Partnership Program which has over the years resulted in many successful academia-industry-DRDC projects and linkages. Similarly, NSERC and DRDC jointly encourage the placement of post-doctoral scientists in Government of Canada laboratories and DRDC welcomes about a dozen such researchers each year.

DRDC also works with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces Health Services to jointly articulate a requirement for research and development related to the health and well-being of Canadian military personnel, veterans and their families. Both departments share the results of generated knowledge. Similarly, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and DRDC jointly work on traumatic brain injury related research giving impetus to research in this highly publicized topic.

DRDC and the National Research Council have a long standing relationship with its roots dating back to the Second World War. This relationship has proven to be particularly effective over the years yielding research, development, test and evaluation results under a memorandum of understanding (since 1994). 

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