Regulations amending the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Regulations, 2007

Enabling act: Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act


The legislation governing the Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing programs is reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure the program is meeting its objectives and using the most up-to-date and accurate measures in the determination of provincial entitlements. The federal government consults regularly with provincial and territorial governments in support of renewal. The authority provided by the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (FPFAA) to make new Equalization and Territorial Formula Financing payments expires on March 31, 2024; the next renewal must take place before then. Regulatory amendments may be brought forward as part of the renewal process in order to implement technical changes to improve the programs. 

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international) 


Potential impacts on Canadians, including businesses

These regulations do not impose any new administrative burden on individuals or businesses.


Provincial and territorial governments are consulted regularly in support of renewal. Provincial and territorial officials will continue to be consulted through the regulatory amendment process.

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Suzanne Kennedy, Senior Director
Equalization and TFF Policy
Federal-Provincial Relations Division
Finance Canada

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