Department of Finance Canada

The Department of Finance Canada is responsible for the overall stewardship of the Canadian economy. This includes preparing the annual federal budget, as well as advising the Government on economic and fiscal matters, tax and tariff policy, social measures, security issues, financial stability and Canada’s international commitments.

We lead the Finance portfolio for the Government of Canada and work in close collaboration with our partners.

Services and information

Federal budget

Read the Government of Canada’s plan for how it collects and spends money each year.

Tax policy

Federal tax policies and legislation in the areas of personal income tax, business income tax, and sales and excise tax.

Federal transfers to provinces and territories

Support to provincial and territorial governments to assist them in the provision of programs and services.

Financial sector policy

Policies and frameworks about the financial sector, federal financial institutions and systems, federal borrowing and investments, and capital markets.

International trade and finance policy

International trade, finance, and development policies in cooperation with its international partners.

Laws, regulations and Ministerial Orders

Tax law and other measures, including legislation governing banks and other federal financial institutions, and payments to provinces.


Take part in consultations from the Department of Finance Canada.

Publications and reports

View our reports and publications.


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Budget 2024

Budget 2024

Fairness for every generation

Benefits and credits

Benefits and credits

Even things we don’t love can have benefits. Like doing your taxes. Learn more about benefits and credits.

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