Remarks by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


February 24, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario

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Today, we woke up to a changed world.

Russia has launched a brutal and unprovoked attack on Ukraine — a country of more than 40 million people who have sought nothing but peace and freedom.

The horrific human costs of this cruel invasion are the direct and personal responsibility of Vladimir Putin, who has chosen to invade a sovereign democracy and challenge the rules-based international order.

History will judge President Putin as harshly as the world condemns him today.

Today, he cements his place in the ranks of the reviled European dictators who caused such carnage in the 20th century.

The response by Canada and our allies will be swift and it will bite.

This barbaric attack cannot — and will not — be allowed to succeed.

To my own Ukrainian-Canadian community, let me say this: Now is the time for us to be strong as we support our friends and family in Ukraine.

Now is the time for us to remember:

[Spoken in Ukrainian] Ukraine is not yet dead.

[Spoken in Russian] Speaking directly to my Russian friends, let me also be very clear: Our quarrel is not with the Russian people — it is with President Putin and those around him who have made the choice to threaten a sovereign democracy.

Canada understands what is at stake. We know that the people of Ukraine, in fighting for their lives, for their sovereignty, are fighting for us, too.

They are fighting for democracy, and we stand with them.

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