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Payment systems underpin all economic activity in Canada. To meet the needs of the growing digital economy, the Government of Canada is undertaking a comprehensive, multi-track, payments modernization that balances responsible innovation with the safety and integrity of the financial system.

This consultation paper seeks views and feedback on proposals to amend the Canadian Payments Act to expand membership eligibility in Payments Canada to payment service providers supervised under the Retail Payment Activities Act; credit union locals that are part of a central or cooperative credit association; and, the operators of financial market infrastructures designated and overseen by the Bank of Canada.

Specifically, we want to hear from you on:

We also invite you to submit any additional comments or feedback relevant to the scope of this consultation. Send us your official documentation by email or by mail.

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fin.payments-paiements.fin@fin.gc.ca with Membership Consultation as the subject line.

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Financial Services Division
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Department of Finance Canada
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Who is the focus of this consultation?

Through this consultation, we want to hear from stakeholders, civil society groups and members of the public.

What's next?

Our conversation doesn't end here.

We'll be collecting your feedback into a report that summarizes what we heard, some or all of which may be made public. This report will also be provided to the Minister of Finance, Associate Minister of Finance and departmental officials. They will consider your input alongside the research our economists have been doing to help inform decisions on payments modernization initiatives.

Those providing comments are asked to indicate clearly the name of the individual or the organization that should be identified as having made the submission. In order to respect privacy and confidentiality, please advise when providing your comments whether you:

Information received through this comment process is subject to the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Should you indicate that your comments, or any portions thereof, be considered confidential, the Department of Finance will make all reasonable efforts to protect this information.

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