Archived - Report on the Management of Canada's Official International Reserves April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020: Table of contents

Table of Contents

Purpose of the Report

Executive Summary

Report on Operations in 2019–20

Market Developments

Initiatives in 2019–20

Performance Versus Strategic Objectives

Exchange Fund Account Financing

International Monetary Fund Programs

Annex 1: Statement of Investment Policy for the Government of Canada (August 2018)

Appendix: Strategic Portfolio Parameters (August 2018)

Annex 2: Overview of the Exchange Fund Account Management Framework

Annex 3: Changes in the Level of the Official International Reserves

Annex 4: Detailed Portfolio Return and Performance

Annex 5: List of Agents and Mandataries as Defined by the Currency Act

Unaudited statement of financial position and statement of operations of the exchange fund account

Notes to the Financial Statements

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