Canadian Forces Intelligence Command

What we do

Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (CFINTCOM) provides credible, timely and integrated defence intelligence capabilities, products and services to support Canada’s national security objectives.

Specific roles

The Commander of CFINTCOM is also the Chief of Defence Intelligence of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF).

Specific tasks

Collect Intelligence

We provide integrated collection management, multi-source intelligence, and deployable capabilities to meet DND/CAF objectives.

  • The Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre provides imagery and imagery intelligence.
  • The Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit identifies, investigates and counters CAF threats by foreign intelligence services, individuals and groups engaged in terrorism, espionage, sabotage, subversion, or organized criminal activities that impact DND/CAF security.
  • The Joint Meteorological Centre provides weather-related information to support CAF operations. It also trains and sets up meteorological technicians for deployment or employment at CAF weather offices.
  • The Mapping and Charting Establishment provides geospatial information and geomatics.
  • Joint Task Force X provides strategic, operational and tactical human intelligence resources.

Enable intelligence assessment

We provide analysis, strategic warning and threat assessment functions and manage the defence intelligence cycle, including coordination of defence intelligence requirements. Specifically, we:

  • manage defence intelligence partnerships, and provide defence intelligence policy, oversight, communications and security advice and support (Directorate General of Intelligence Policy and Partnerships)
  • maintain intelligence, and direct defence intelligence analytical guidelines, models and training (Directorate of Intelligence Production Management)
  • ensure full and timely access to atmospheric and ocean data to help plan and execute operations (Directorate of Meteorology and Oceanography)
  • provide scientific and technical intelligence (Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence)
  • provide transnational and regional intelligence, strategic warning and threat assessments (Directorate of Transnational and Regional Intelligence)

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