Relocation Directive - APS 2014 - Chapter 9

9.01 Purpose

The purpose of the Shipment of Household Goods and Effects (HG&E) benefit is to transport or store eligible belongings for CF members who are authorized to relocate their HG&E. The shipment and storage of HG&E is governed by the Household Goods Removal Service (HGRS) contract.

Shipment of HG&E will be as per art 2.6.01. CF members who change their marital status to married/common law while on prohibited posting remain entitled to move their HG&E from former place of duty (where HG&E were left or stored) to new place of duty and not from a third location.

This chapter is divided into the following sections.

Section 9.1 Storage

9.1.02 Eligibility

CF members are authorized the shipment of HG&E from within the geographical boundaries of their former place of duty to within the geographical boundaries of their new place of duty unless otherwise authorized in section 2.6.

9.1.03 Weight entitlement

The Department will arrange and pay for the cost of packing, loading, insuring, shipping, storage in transit (SIT) (within limitations), unloading and unpacking of authorized HG&E.

Core benefit

Weight up to a maximum of 20,000 lbs/9071.94 kg excluding packing and crating.

Custom benefit
  • Any extra charges when large articles are moved on a weight dimensional basis, or a cubic basis, or with surcharges; and
  • Any weight in excess of 20,000 lbs.
Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

Note: Weight will be based on the combined shipped and stored HG&E.

9.1.04 Storage in Transit (SIT)

SIT is not normally necessary; however, when it is CF members are entitled to be reimbursed:

Core benefit

Up to and including the last day ILM&M (other than unpack and unload days).

Custom benefit

Above the period from core funding for reasons beyond CF members control (ie service or compassionate circumstances).

Personalized benefit
  • When all custom funds have been expended.
  • When SIT is incurred either after the possession date of the residence or above the entitlement.

Note: Possession date changes due to building delays are not considered to be beyond the CF member's control but rather a risk associated with building a house.

9.1.05 SIT - Moves without secured accommodation

CF members who have not secured accommodation may request the restriction be lifted on the move of (D)HG&E . In this instance, Core funding of SIT shall not exceed 20 days and will cease on any earlier date that reimbursement of ILM&M from core funds terminates.

When SIT exceeds entitlement, the Central Removal Services representative will provide the pro-rated charge to the relocation consultant. The relocation consultant will then calculate the additional SIT charges to be recovered.

9.1.06 Long Term Storage (LTS)

On relocation, a CF member who moves their HG&E on or after 19 April 2018, is entitled to long term storage including partial shipment when they are:

  • posted to an isolated post;
  • posted to a location outside of Canada;
  • directed into Crown-owned accommodation that will not accommodate all HG&E; or
  • moved to locations where DCBA determined that the shipment of HG&E or private motor vehicles or both shall be limited or controlled.

(TB amended, 19 April 2018)

Core benefit
  • Weight up to 20,000lbs / 9,071.94 kgs of combined shipment and storage of HG&E;
  • Packing, crating and cartage of the HG&E as well as shipment to the nearest adequate LTS facility available;
  • Storage of HG&E until it can be reunited with CF members or dependants;
  • Storage of up to two PMVs or one PMV and one other vehicle as per art 9.3.04 when prohibited from the shipment of vehicles. The total storage cost shall not exceed the cost of storing two PMVs;
  • When posted outside Canada, storage of primary PMV including motorcycle; and
  • Payment of a one-time storage preservation fee such as removing the battery, applying lubricants on the vehicle as required and raising the vehicle off the tires.
Custom benefit
  • Weight in excess of 20,000 lbs/9,071 kgs (shipped and stored);
  • Expenses related to the secondary PMV when the primary PMV is stored or shipped; and
  • Additional storage costs for boat/motorcycle/ATV/trailer/snowmobile.
Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

LTS cessation. When CF members are posted to a location where LTS is no longer authorized, the LTS entitlement at Crown expense will cease 30 days after COS/report for duty date, whichever is later. The CF member will assume financial responsibility for HG&E remaining in LTS on the 31st day.

Rental vehicle cessation. When CF members store a PMV including motorcycle, the rental vehicle entitlements cease on the day that the stored vehicle is removed from storage. The stored vehicle shall be removed from storage as soon as CF members arrive or would have arrived had they not taken annual leave during TNL, at their new place of duty and the vehicle is serviced by the storage facility.

Eligible storage expenses - PMV Actual and reasonable charges necessary to restore the vehicle to road-worthiness and up to $400 for removing the vehicle from storage (excluding repairs and licensing).

LTS on release CF members with HG&E in LTS who are released will have their LTS moved to their address on release at Crown expense.

9.1.07 LTS Incentive

A CF member who is entitled to the LTS Incentive under article may transfer 80% of the savings to their Personalized Funding Formula when they are entitled LTS and do not ship or store one set of the major appliances listed in table below. Entitlement is limited to CF members who owned the appliances prior to the receipt of a posting instruction (for Regular Force)/employment message (for Reserve Force).

(TB amended, 19 April 2018)

The maximum savings is 24 months as per column E:

Appliances Fixed Initial Savings at 80% Additional monthly savings at 80% MAX Savings at 80% for 12 months MAX Savings at 80% for 24 months
Dishwasher $53.52 $5.03 $113.88 $174.24
Dryer $49.92 $4.69 $106.20 $162.48
Freezer $109.84 $10.32 $233.68 $357.52
Refrigerator $69.36 $6.52 $147.60 $225.32
Stove/Range $68.48 $6.44 $145.76 $223.04
Washer $67.76 $6.37 $144.20 $220.64
Total $418.88 $39.37 $891.32 $1363.76

Rates standard - Rates are based on weight/volume industry average and on industry standard rates. The saving is calculated on the duration of the storage requirement, up to a maximum of 24 months at 80%.

Section 9.2 Preparation

9.2.02 Preparation for transport

Custom benefit

Items that require special attention and/or preparation as specified by the contractor which are not covered by HGRS contract (ie pool table, piano, hot tub).

Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

9.2.03 Insurance coverage

CF members shall be provided basic insurance coverage during transportation and/or storage of authorized HG&E as follows:

Core benefit

Replacement cost protection (RCP) insurance up to 20,000 lbs/9,071kgs.

Custom benefit
  • Amounts over the RCP insurance from Core funding;
  • Additional expenses including high value items; and
  • Additional insurance protection above limitations of the HGRS contract.
Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

Claim - Any claim for loss or damage of HG&E or damage to the house should normally be settled between the CF member, the carrier, and the insurer.

9.2.04 Crating, uncrating and appraisals

The HGRS contract provides for general crating services which are sufficient for safe transport of HG&E. When CF members request crating the HGRS contractor has not determined to be necessary, the expense shall be reimbursed as follows:

Personalized benefit

Crating, uncrating and appraisals not required by HGRS contract.

9.2.05 Pet shipment

CF members are entitled to the reimbursement of:

Custom benefit


Personalized benefit
  • PMV travel, to and from airport, in advance of and/or after the move if required;
  • costs in excess of custom funds;
  • commercial transportation of pets;
  • compulsory pet care as required by the carrier or the host country; and
  • pet carrier, as required by the commercial carrier.

When pets are shipped to an alternate location, the cost reimbursed shall not exceed the cost of shipment to the location of the new place of duty.

Additional costs will not be reimbursed as a result of the early or late pet shipment.

(TB amended, effective 1 September 2012)

9.2.06 Non eligible items/additional shipping expenses

Custom benefit

Costs for the commercial shipment and insurance of items that are not eligible to be shipped via the HGRS, because they are:

  • excluded by the Department or HGRS relocation policy;
  • restricted by household goods removal tariffs; or
  • restricted by the program authority.
Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

Section 9.3 Shipment of vehicle

9.3.02 Shipment of vehicle by commercial carrier

CF members must ship their PMV under the HGRS contract system when the service is available. Once HGRS has been contacted, CF members may be reimbursed actual and reasonable expenses, not to exceed HGRS contract rates, related to shipping their PMV by commercial carrier as follows:

Core benefit

Primary PMV including motorcycle (when the primary mode of travel to the new location is by commercial carrier.)

Custom benefit

Secondary PMV including motorcycle.

Personalized benefit

Additional PMVs including motorcycle.

Delivery of vehicle Actual and reasonable expenses, including a maximum of one-day meal expenses, associated with delivery and pick-up of vehicle to the point of shipment.

9.3.03 Rental vehicle

Entitlements are described in art 3.3.02.

Core benefit
  • one rental vehicle (regardless of number of vehicles shipped) when CF members are necessarily separated from their primary vehicle due to shipping and the primary mode of travel to new location is by commercial carrier; and
  • Reasonable commercial transportation costs (supported by receipts) in lieu of a rented vehicle not to exceed the cost of a rental car as described in art 3.3.02.
Personalized benefit


9.3.04 RV / boat / motorcycle/ ATV / trailer / snowmobile

CF members are entitled to the following reimbursements:

Custom benefit

Shipment of recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), trailers, utility trailers, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Vehicles that are shipped with HG&E must be weighed separately.

Personalized benefit

When all custom funds have been expended.

Section 9.4 Sundry relocation expenses

9.4.02 Connection and disconnection

Specific sundry relocation expenses have been approved by the Program Authority, The Treasury Board Secretariat. The following list is all-inclusive:

Personalized benefit

Basic connection, disconnection and labour fees (materials required for installation are not reimbursable), including cancellation fees, for equipment moved at Crown expense such as:

  • alarm system (basic monitoring system);
  • cable;
  • cellular up to two basic services;
  • computer systems;
  • electricity including conversion services (labour and converters only);
  • water lines to refrigerator;
  • hot-tub;
  • in-home theatre systems;
  • Internet;
  • natural gas including all gas appliances and account set-up fee;
  • one satellite dish (one receiver only);
  • telephone basic services; and
  • water.

Additional installation of services shall be at CF members' expense. In all cases, extra expenses incurred for cancellation of loyalty contracts are not reimbursable.

(TB amended, effective 1 September 2012)

9.4.03 PMV including motorcycle and drivers licences

CF members and their dependants shall be reimbursed the following mandatory expenses:

Core benefit
  • Costs associated with driver's license for a maximum of 12 months (pro-rated if required).
  • Driver's driving record (when required prior to obtaining driver's license).
  • International drivers license when posted outside Canada.
  • Costs associated with registration of primary PMV at destination for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Safety certificate for primary PMV (excluding cost of necessary repairs) when mandatory by provincial legislation before license plates can be obtained.
  • License plate fees for primary PMV to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Letter of compliance for primary PMV.
  • Necessary to gain legal entry and to drive primary PMV within the destination city/country, excluding importation fees for new vehicles.
  • Registration and plate fee for one trailer when there is a legal requirement to have it registered.
Custom benefit
  • Costs associated with registration of secondary PMV at destination for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Safety certificate for secondary PMV (excluding cost of necessary repairs) when mandatory by provincial legislation before license plates can be obtained.
  • License plate fees for secondary PMV to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Letter of compliance for secondary PMV.
  • Necessary to gain legal entry and to drive secondary PMV within the destination city/country, excluding importation fees for new vehicles.
  • Registration and plate fee for second trailer when there is a legal requirement to have it registered.
Personalized benefit
  • Same expenses as those outlined in Custom benefit for additional vehicles.
  • When all custom funds have been expended.

Note. Insurance charges that are applied to driver licensing or vehicle registration are considered part of the total insurance requirements for a vehicle and will not be reimbursed.

9.4.04 Medical and dental

Core benefit
  • All costs associated with transferring dependant medical/dental files to new location;
  • Costs associated with procuring new medical cards;
  • Additional insurance costs for any time lag between provincial health care services;
  • New patient dental exam at destination where dependants do not qualify for reimbursement from the dental insurance provider due to posting frequency; and
  • Medical examinations and inoculations required for entry to host country or re-entry to Canada that are not covered by provincial health care, including required medical letters.

9.4.05 Locks

Core benefit

Service call fee and labour for re-keying locks at new residence.

9.4.06 Postal and courier services

Personalized benefit
  • Post Office change of address.
  • Courier service for receipts sent to the service provider from locations where mail delivery is unreliable. In such cases approval for reimbursement is required from the BComd/BAdmO.
  • Mail hold service when sale/purchase/rental closes prior to departure/arrival, not to exceed 12 months duration.

(TB amended, effective 1 September 2012)

9.4.07 Passport VISA – identity documents outside Canada

Core benefit
  • Passport - Mandatory passport photo expenses when services not provided by the Department.
  • Immigration documents.
  • VISA and cost associated with the procurement of VISAs.
  • Required identity documents.

9.4.08 Value added tax (VAT) forms

Core benefit

CF member outside Canada may be reimbursed for the purchase of the required number of Value Added Tax (VAT) forms necessary to save the VAT on relocation benefits.

9.4.09 Spousal employment services

The following spousal assistance services shall be reimbursed:

Custom benefit
  • Employment search;
  • Employment assistance;
  • Interview travel up to a maximum of three days/two nights (including travel) lodgings, meals and incidentals as per prescribed rates;
  • CV preparation;
  • Photocopy and transmittal costs for transcripts of academic records; and
  • Costs associated with re-establishing current credentials for the same certification in the new province.

Upgrading and re-certification do not qualify as eligible expenses for reimbursement under the CFIRP.

9.4.10 Dependants education allowance

CF members may be entitled to receive dependant education allowance. They are responsible for verifying their entitlement, completing the necessary applications and claiming benefits through Dependant Education Management. Allowance directives may be found at:

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