Relocation Directive - Chapter 3 - Relocation Entitlements

3.01 Introduction

This chapter describes the common relocation entitlements that apply to this policy document.

Note: The benefits contained in this Chapter may be amended (limited or enhanced) by specific provisions contained in other chapters in this directive.
(TB amended 16 September 2014)

This chapter is divided into the following sections:

Section 3.1 Meal Entitlements

3.1.01 Meal entitlement

CF members and authorized dependants will be paid a meal allowance for each full calendar day in commercial or non-commercial accommodation at the rates provided in Treasury Board Travel Directive. The conditions of reimbursement are provided in the applicable Chapter.

Core benefit

(TB amended, effective 1 September 2012)

Section 3.2 Lodgings

3.2.01 Commercial lodgings

Commercial lodging expenses shall be reimbursed for CF members and authorized dependants.

CF members will be reimbursed for actual and reasonable commercial lodging expenses not to exceed:

3.2.02 Hotel/Motel occupancy principles

The number of rooms that CF members are entitled to is based on family size. The size of the family unit includes the CF member and dependants.

The following table outlines the room entitlement by family size:

Family Size Room Entitlement
1 1 room

1 room, or 2 rooms (when dependant is not the spouse)

3 to 5 2 rooms
6 or 7 3 rooms
8 or more 4 rooms

In all cases, when at least one dependant child over 12 years of age is of a different gender than the other dependant child(ren), an extra room entitlement exists.

3.2.03 Non-commercial lodging allowance

CF members who elect to stay in non-commercial lodgings are entitled to an accommodation allowance of $50 (CAD) per night (without receipts) per family.

When commercial and non-commercial lodgings are used for the same night, reimbursement will be paid for both when there is an entitlement of more than one hotel room.

CF members who stay in their principal residence are not entitled to the non-commercial lodging allowance, but are entitled to receive the meal and miscellaneous allowances as per limitations.

3.2.04 Alternative to separate rooms

If there is an entitlement to more than one room, CF members are entitled to reimbursement of:

In all cases, reimbursement shall not exceed the commercial rate had CF members occupied the rooms to which they were entitled.

(TB amended, 19 April 2018)

Section 3.3 Transportation

3.3.01 Allowance and kilometric rate for travel

The kilometric allowance shall be based on the approved commercial software Promiles and will be calculated using the applicable km rate multiplied by the distance traveled using the travel rates as published by Treasury Board as follows:

3.3.02 Rental vehicle

The size of the rental vehicle is based on family size.

The following table outlines the rental vehicle size entitlement by family size:

Family Size Rental vehicle entitlement
1 to 3 Mid-size / Intermediate
4 Full size
5 or more Mini van

Drop-off fees shall be reimbursed from the same funding envelope as the rental vehicle was authorized as the most practical and economical method of travel.

Personal accident insurance and/or child safety seats are to be reimbursed from the same funding envelope as the rental vehicle.

BComd/BAdmOs may authorize upgrades due to road conditions, for safety or medical reasons from the same funding envelope as the rental vehicle was authorized.

When an upgrade is required to facilitate the transportation of pets to and from the commercial carrier the upgrade will be reimbursed from personalized funds.

3.3.03 PMV passenger

CF members who travel as passengers in a private vehicle, where the driver is not someone who is eligible to claim the kilometric allowance, are entitled to the actual and reasonable expenses paid to the driver, not to exceed the kilometric allowance specified in the policy. The driver shall provide a detailed signed receipt.

3.3.04 Tolls, ferry and parking charges

CF members are entitled to reimbursement for actual and reasonable expenses for all tolls and ferries when incurred as a result of travel by the most direct route. Parking charges are also reimbursable.

These expenses are reimbursed from the same component as the kilometric allowance, for the first, second, or additional vehicle.

Ferry charges may include a standard berth/cabin, when overnight travel is required on board the ferry.

When the authorized route does not include a ferry/tolls.

Section 3.4 Entitlements in alpha order

3.4.01 Automated Teller Machine

Core benefit

CF members may be reimbursed additional ATM charges above their normal monthly fee for one transaction per day when related to the relocation.

3.4.02 Dependant care reimbursements

CF members may be assisted with dependant care costs that are in excess of existing dependant care arrangements:

3.4.03 Posting allowance

Regular Force members who have attained career status are entitled to a posting allowance when:

Career status is attained for CF members:

Limitations. Posting allowance is not payable:

Service Couple (SC) Each member of the service couple is entitled to the BAE at their applicable rate of pay. The DAE portion shall be paid at the higher rate of pay. If a service couple is not considered collocated in accordance with article 10.03, each member of that couple who moves with one or more dependants is entitled to receive both BAE and DAE.

Certification. Eligibility to posting allowance shall be certified by the Orderly Room on the pay statement which reflects the rate of pay on the COS date.
Indemnité d’affectation (voir 3.4.04)

(TB amended, 19 April 2018)

3.4.04 Professional cleaning

CF members may be reimbursed for cleaning expenses related to the primary and/or replacement residences.

Core benefit

Actual and reasonable expenses up to a maximum of $100 (including taxes) each for the old and new residences.

Custom benefit

Expenses in excess of core funds.

Personalized benefit

Additional expenses.

3.4.05 Stop over or delay in travel

Core benefit

When illness and/or road closure causes CF members to incur justifiable additional travel time or delays in travel, they may be reimbursed for actual and reasonable related expenses.

3.4.06 Unaccompanied baggage (UAB)

CF members who proceed unaccompanied to the new place of duty are entitled to the shipment of UAB.

Core benefit

Maximum shipment of UAB is 500 lbs/227 kgs exclusive of packing and crating as follows:



Custom benefit

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