Clarification Bulletin – CAFRD 9.1.08 Storage in Transit (SIT)

Dated 25 May 2021


The current wording of subparagraph (4) of CAFRD 9.1.08 (Storage in Transit (SIT)) has resulted in ambiguity concerning when a relocating CAF member’s SIT entitlement ceases owing from a lack of clarity concerning how the CAF member is expected to inform their Traffic Section at destination that they remain entitled to SIT until the specified end date of their approved interim lodgings, meals and miscellaneous expenses. This lack of clarity has resulted in local Traffic Sections converting a relocating CAF member’s SIT to Storage at Own Expense (SOE) prematurely when the member remains entitled to SIT benefits.

Further, in stating that “the member is responsible for all subsequent HG&E storage costs after that period of basic coverage ends”, subparagraph (4) of CAFRD 9.1.08 has created the impression that relocating CAF members are responsible for costs associated with the delivery, unpack, and unload of their household goods and effects (HG&E). This is inaccurate. While a member is responsible for storage costs after their SIT entitlement ends, they remain entitled to delivery, unpack, and unload services as a core CAFRD entitlement.


In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – Director Compensation and Benefits Administration (DCBA)), the following clarification is provided for subparagraph (4) of CAFRD 9.1.08 (Storage in Transit (SIT)):

In accordance with CAFRD 2.1.01 (Authority – DCBA), this clarification bulletin is policy direction that conveys the intent of the specific CAFRD provision as confirmed by the Treasury Board Secretariat. A clarification amendment to CAFRD 9.1.08 will follow in due course.

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