Trusted to Serve – The CAF Ethos – Audiobook Introduction

“I am General Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces.

In June 2022, we published the Canadian Armed Forces Ethos: Trusted to Serve, which was developed through extensive consultation and teamwork from those in uniform across the country.

This publication amplifies the parts from Duty with Honour dedicated to our foundational ethos. Trusted to Serve is our renewed commitment to professionalism within the Canadian Armed Forces and is a roadmap for the necessary growth and change required to improve our culture. This is the first time that the Canadian Armed Forces has consolidated all its behavioral doctrine into a single publication, and we have taken great care to ensure that the language is clear and inclusive.

We encourage all of you to listen to this audiobook or read it carefully, take it to heart, and refer to it often.

Our ethos sets the standards of conduct and ethical decision-making that guides professional practice. Only through striving to be a better example of this ethos will you achieve true professionalism.

The Canadian Armed Forces Ethos cannot be trained but it can be developed. The Canadian Armed Forces Ethos is a way of life that can only be embodied. You will need the help of those around you, peers, subordinates, and superiors to respectfully give feedback to better live our ethos. In this way, our ethos is a living professional spirit that must be discussed and practiced daily as a core military activity that is not subordinate to any other military activity, including operations.

Our ethos is at the heart of military effectiveness.  In fact, our ethos is the foundation for military expertise, upon which every capability is built.

All we ask for is your constant commitment to embody our ethos in everything you do.”

Canadian Armed Forces Ethos : Trusted to Serve

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