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Boards of Inquiry

The Minister of National Defence, the Chief of the Defense Staff, an Officer Commanding a Command or Formation, or a Commanding Officer may convene a Board of Inquiry (BOI) into any matter affecting the government, discipline, administration or functions of the CAF or on any matter affecting any officer or non-commissioned member. BOI are best suited to investigate complex issues utilizing additional personnel, resources and investigative powers.

Requests by the Public

Barring exceptional circumstances, BOI reports are not, as a general rule, released to the public. All requests by the public for information concerning a BOI shall be referred to the Director Access to Information and Privacy (DAIP) at NDHQ.

Canadian Military Journal
Maritime Engineering Journal
Military Judges Compensation Committee
Military law

Visit the Military law page for an up-to-date list of reports and publications on military law and military justice under the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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