Distribution of funds - Canadian Forces Housing Agency Annual Report 2017-2018

Distribution of funds infographic. Described under the heading Distribution of funds full text
Distribution of funds full text

Direct Costs – 84.8%

Capital and Betterment – 40.5%

New construction and recapitalization, or work completed to improve an asset

Life cycle and Maintenance – 23.5%

Activities that maintain the useful life of the asset or its components (e.g. roof replacement, siding replacement, furnace replacement)

Repairs – 11.8%

Activities that address breakages of the asset, response to failures, or unforeseen events (e.g. concrete repairs, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, heating, ventilation and air conditioning repairs)

Housing Operations – 9.0%

Activities directly attributable to regular/periodic upkeep of the housing units (e.g. snow removal, grass cutting, and general maintenance between occupancy) and management of vacant units

Indirect costs – 15.2%

Operational Salaries – 9.5%

Salaries for Housing Services Centre personnel

Corporate Salaries – 3.0%

Salaries for Head Office personnel

Corporate Overhead – 1.6%

Lease and utilities, supplies, training, professional services, travel for Head Office employees, market studies, and strategic site plans

Housing Services Centre Overhead – 1.1%

Recurring activities required in running site offices (e.g. office lease and utilities, supplies, training, and travel for Housing Services Centre employees)

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