Looking to the future - Canadian Forces Housing Agency Annual Report 2018-2019

In 2019-2020, CFHA will continue to strive to meet the priorities outlined by the CAF/DND. We will continue working on the initiatives set out in Canadas's Defence policy: SSE; Canada's Defence policy. Our focus on investing in our people, our houses and our services will remain at the forefront of our business. It is the foundation on which we are built.

As of March 2019, contracts were in place for the construction of 18 RHUs – twelve two-bedroom apartment RHUs in Borden, and six single RHUs in Trenton. Our new design standards will position us well to build the portfolio of the future. 20 RHUs in Winnipeg are scheduled for demolition in 2019-2020. Disposal of underutilized or obsolete buildings is an important DND initiative of rationalizing the real property portfolio. CFHA understands the value of data management and is working to leverage data to enable better business decisions. In support of the DND/CAF Data Strategy, CFHA will continue to commit resources to improve data management and to the development of data driven-approaches in the provision of housing services.

CFHA will apply for Green Globe certification for the new apartments at CFB Petawawa and 15 Wing Moose Jaw and expects to receive confirmation during fiscal year 2019-2020. Future construction of low-rise apartment buildings, and all planned major recapitalizations, will aim to be certified under the Green Globes Multi Family Standard for New Construction. This will support departmental targets on greening infrastructure.

In support of the Seamless Canada initiative, we will work to alleviate the stress associated with moving and ease the burden of relocating to a new community for CAF members and their families. We will accomplish this by promoting innovation in the area of customer service and by seeking occupant input via an online survey. The information gathered will provide us with insight into the challenges and experience lived by our occupants, cultivating an environment in which we can be more agile in responding to their needs. 

We will implement a mobile workplace pilot project that will allow quicker response times for technical staff. They will have better access to tools and housing information in real time via remote access, virtually increasing work efficiency.

In 2016, CFHA achieved the Gold level of Excellence Canada's Standard for Canada: Excellence Innovation and Wellness and was also awarded Canada Award for Excellence. CFHA plans to submit an application for certification at the Platinum level in 2019 and to undertake Excellence Canada's rigorous assessment process. CFHA's commitment to continuous improvement and to excellence means that the Agency will never rest on its past successes and achievements. CFHA will continue to challenge its practices and innovate to remain at the forefront of service excellence.

All of the above will position us well to build the portfolio of the future.

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