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Military Housing Overview

Canadian Forces Housing Agency

CFHA is a Special Operating Agency (SOA) established in 1995 to deliver DND’s Military Family Housing Program. The Agency operates entirely within DND with authorities similar to a Level 1 granted under its Treasury Board approved SOA Charter.

CFHA is the Managing Authority for military housing. The Agency’s strategic objectives and goals form the foundation for its operations. A set of core values guide CFHA personnel in their commitment to management and customer service excellence, and to the achievement of the Agency’s Vision.

CFHA Mandate, Mission, Vision and Values

Department of National Defence housing locations

Housing locations infographic. Described under the heading Housing locations full text
Housing locations full text

Regional Reporting Structure, Location and Number of Units

Pacific and Western
  • Cold Lake - 703
  • Comox - 251
  • Edmonton - 504
    • Iqaluit - 3
    • Yellowknife - 110
  • Esquimalt - 709
    • Masset - 6
  • Moose Jaw - 173
    • Dundurn - 28
  • Shilo - 637
  • Suffield - 175
  • Wainwright - 185
  • Winnipeg - 474
  • Borden - 675
  • Kingston - 473
  • Ottawa - 145
  • North Bay - 182
  • Petawawa - 1632
  • Trenton - 548
Quebec and Eastern
  • Bagotville - 358
  • Gagetown - 1435
  • Goose Bay - 231
  • Gander - 70
  • Greenwood - 562
  • Halifax - 485
  • Montréal - 190
  • Valcartier - 710
Locations and number of RHUs. Described under Locations full text
Locations full text

27 locations

11,654 RHUs

40% of buildings in DND's Real Property portfolio

Military Family Housing Program

The Military Family Housing Program exists to ensure suitable residential rental housing is available to CAF members when and where duty demands. The Program is a critical enabler for CAF operations, and it serves to provide members and their families with rental housing options to support military operational requirements and in locations where private sector housing is either not sufficiently available or suitable. Currently, more than 15% of eligible CAF members live in military housing. For those members, military housing not only offers close proximity to their work and local amenities, it

also provides a supportive and safe community that promotes the quality of life of the members and their families. This is particularly important for new CAF members in their transition to military life.

CFHA maintains and operates military housing at 27 housing locations at CAF bases across Canada. The DND Crown-owned residential housing portfolio currently consists of 11,654 RHUs, which accounts for 40% of buildings in DND’s Real Property portfolio.

Improving the overall condition and suitability of the DND residential housing portfolio continues to be the top priority for the Military Family Housing Program. The majority of the housing portfolio consists of three and four bedroom single and semi-detached houses constructed in the 1950s to 1960s.

Roles & Responsibilities

CFHA is responsible for the delivery of the Military Family Housing Program in collaboration with its clients and stakeholders. In accordance with its mandate, the Agency’s purpose is two-fold:

Roles and Responsibilities. Described under Roles and Responsibilities full text
Roles and Responsibilities full text

Support to the quality of life of CAF members and their families through the provision of housing services


Responsible and sustainable management of the Department's housing infrastructure

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