60 Seconds with Brigadier General Louis Lapointe, U.S. Army Alaska Deputy Commanding General, Operations

Video / April 1st, 2022


(LL) Good day, I’m Brigadier General Louis Lapointe, I am the Deputy Commander General of Operations for United States Army in Alaska.

(LL) Okay, are we ready? 60 seconds in Alaska – ready? Go!

“Who can handle the cold better, Canadians or Americans?“
(LL) Hmm…Canadians.

“What always puts a smile on your face?“
(LL) The snow, and those mountains”

“What sort of exercises did you take part in under JPMRC 2022?“
(LL) Well under JPMRC 2022, we took part in an airborne jump, insertion, JFEO to be exact, a Joint Forcible Entry Operations. Plus a full deployment of a mechanized brigade based on the Stryker in Fort Greely, and a force on force.

“Did you or anyone see any interesting wildlife, while on exercise?“
(LL) You have to be careful of the Moose, they are everywhere. One of our worries was for our paratrooper to land on a moose – I’m not kidding.

“Why is JPMRC 2022 important?“
(LL) Well it is a super important rotation, the US Army went onto a new Arctic strategy and we’re about instrumenting the arctic strategy right now, right here in Alaska

And that’s it!

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