60 seconds with Capt Connor McFarlan, Air Combat Systems Officer on the CP140 Aurora participating in RIMPAC 22

Video / July 28th 2022


(CM) "Favorite food and why?" I love poke bowls. There are lot of great shops in Waikiki.

Hi, I'm Captain Connor McFarlan. I'm a Tactical Coordinator, the Air Combat Systems Officer on the Canadian CP-140 Aurora Aircraft. I'm here on the ramp at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, ready to do the 60 Seconds Challenge. Let's get into it!

"Coolest thing you saw during the exercise?" It's early days, but I went aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier yesterday. That was pretty good.

"If you weren't a CAF member, what would you be?" I'd like to be a motorcycle tour guide in the Rocky Mountains. All right... Next up!

"How does this exercise compare to others that you've been on?" Easily the best one so far. There are a lot of other nations, a lot of ships, a lot of aircraft that make a very exciting and dynamic environment.

"Why did you join the CAF?" I joined the CAF to fly around the world, work with fantastic people and use some pretty cool equipment.

"What is RIMPAC?" RIMPAC is the Rim of the Pacific Exercise involving nations from all around the Pacific Ocean.

"How does embracing diversity enhance military operational effectiveness?" It brings people from all sorts of experiences together. We work together to solve many of the problems that we come across.

"What is your role in the CAF?" As mentioned in the start, I'm a Tactical Coordinator aboard the Aurora. I work with our Sensor Operators to find the submarines. Oh! That's it!

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