60 seconds with Cpl Olga Antiperovitch

Video / February 7th 2022


"Looking back, what advice would you have given yourself at the beginning of your career in the CAF?"

Well, study smart, not hard.

"If you could try another military role for a day, what would you choose?"

I would choose to become a pilot. I’ve been in the backseat of a Griffon helicopter, I’d love to see the front view.

"What did you like about being involved in the Awareness Advertising Campaign?"

I loved the film crew, they were really nice, and the whole experience was really fantastic, and I loved to see the result at the end.

"How can CAF members learn more about upcoming advertising campaigns and get involved?"

Talk to your local PAO, or Public Affairs Officer.

"What inspires you?"

Helping people.

"What is it like to see yourself on TV or social media in a CAF ad?"

It’s amazing, the first time I saw myself, I was so excited!

"What did you choose to become… Why did you choose to become a medical professional, specifically in the CAF?"

Before the military, I was a PSW, or Personal Support Worker, I loved helping people, and I wanted to continue doing that.

"What is something you can’t live without?"


"What is something that surprised you about joining the CAF?"

How diverse it is.

And that’s it!

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