60 seconds with MCpl Pope, Medic, 2 Field Ambulance and Lt Stephens, Med-Surg Nurse, 338th Minimal Care Detachment, U.S. Army, Exercise Maple Resolve 22

Video / May 26th 2022


(MCP) Hi, my name is Master Corporal Pope. I'm a Medic with 2 Field Ambulance, here at exercise Maple Resolve.

(LS) And I'm Lieutenant Stephens. I come from 338th Minimal Care Detachment and I'm a Med-Surg Nurse.

[60 secondes with...]


First question: "What is your role in the CAF?" I'm a medical technician with 2 Field Ambulance.

(LS) "Best piece of advice for someone looking to join the CAF?"

(MCP) Train as you fight. "How this exercise compare to others you've been on?" This is a really Gucci* (00:35) exercise from my point of view. We are inside, so we don't have to deal with any of the elements.

(LS) What is some of the training you took part of during Maple Resolve 2022?

(MCP) We did a lot of scenario training, injuries, so that we would be ready for no matter what injuries came in. "What is exercise Maple Resolve?"

(LS) Oh! It's where I get to come play with you guys.

(MCP) Awesome! "What is key to team cohesion during an exercise?" Closed loop communication.

(LS) "Favourite aspect of this mission?" OK, my personal favourite: I'm making so many friends. Ha, ha!

(MCP) Like Sergeant *** (01:05)! "Favourite food while on exercise?" Steak night is my favourite.

(LS) They overfeed us here. I'm gonna get fat. "How is it working alongside during the exercise?" It's gone pretty well.

(MCP) Yeah! I think we have a good relationship with our multinational partners.

(LS) Alright! Good enough! Yay!

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