60 Seconds with Cyclone pilots Lt (USN) Christopher Pitcher and Capt Jonathan Mishrigi at RIMPAC 2020

Video / September 3, 2020


(Man) OK, good. Introduce yourself and say, like, what your jobs are, you're pilots.

(JM) Oh, yeah, okay. Oh, well, we thought everybody knew!

I'm Cpt Jonathon Mishrigi and I'm a Cyclone Pilot.

(CP) I'm Lt Chris Pitcher, call sign Gizmo, and I'm a Cyclone pilot.

(JM) And we're here to take the 60 Seconds Challenge.

"Who are the current NBA champions and in which country are they based?"

(CP) Current NBA champions would be the Toronto Raptors.

"In what important way are Canadians and Americans are different?"
A lot of Canadians speak French.

(JM) "What does diversity mean to you?"

(CP) It is the military itself, really. A lot of us in the military come from different cultures, different walks of life and here in the military, we come together as a singular team.

(JM) Yeah, really, combining intelligence, learning experiences, being a team, interoperability, a whole whack of things. I think Gizmo hit the nail on the head, it's all about being a team and it is the military.

(CP) "What does a typical work day look like for you?"

(JM) Fly, eat sleep, rinse, condition, repeat.
(CP) Workout.
(JM) Workout.

"What movie can you watch over and over?"

(CP) Oh!
(JM) Iron Eagle?
(CP) Iron Eagle.

(JM) Last question.
(CP) Last question. Here.
(JM) Alright.

"What does it mean to be a part of an air detachment?"

(CP) The first thing that comes to mind is teamwork. We work together. We're always talking about working as a crew, how we work as a team, but the picture here is bigger than that. We have a maintenance team that's behind us that every day comes out here and puts aircraft out on the deck for us ready to go. They are, honestly, they are like IndyCar, F1 pit crew. We can always depend on them. They're absolute professionals.

(JM) One word comes to mind, it's family.
(CP) It is family.

(JM) Sweet.
(CP) Sweet.

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