Occupational Therapist, Angela Topping took the 60 Seconds challenge

Video / November 13, 2020


Give me a minute to just get ready.

Hi, my name is Angela Topping. I'm an Occupational Therapist here in Edmonton, Alberta, and I've been asked to participate in the 60 Seconds Challenge.

So the first question is: "What is Occupational Therapy?"

Occupational Therapists look at helping people resume the activities that are important to them. So we can look at self-care, productivity and leisure, and we help them get back to, return to duty as well.

"So what is the role of Canadian Armed Forces therapists during COVID-19?"

So, we really took in on virtual assessment and treatment. We've also started to see some clients that have experienced COVID and they're looking at returning to duty, so we're helping them get back to their regular duties.

The next question is: "What a typical day for OT in the Canadian Armed Forces looks like?"

The everyday is different. Sometimes, I'd do splinting. I might do some cognitive assessments. And then, I can do an ergonomic assessment or even head to the worksite to do return to duty assessment.

And an interesting fun fact about me is the next question.

I really love board games and sometimes, I'll use board games to help integrate it to my cognitive therapy, to make therapy fun.

Thank you for having me.

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