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Video / November 26, 2021


(AO) This episode is gonna be about some upcoming changes to the training system.

Toss about yourself and tell me about your career leading up to this posting.

Like when you're deployed on a patrol.

Welcome to the show.

(MAN 1) Awesome! Thank you so much for receiving us.

(AO) Let's hear the whole story.

(MAN 2) Oh, great, then. Put on your helmet, son.

(AO) I'm Capt Adam Orton. I'm the Operations Officer for the Canadian Army Headquarters and I'm also the Canadian Army Podcast host.

Hi, this is Capt Adam Orton with the Canadian Army Podcast.

I used to work in Internet tech support. It's a big job and it's a tough job and I wanted to go out and do some adventures and I needed to join the military. I wanted to do the opposite of what I was doing, so I was like I need to join the infantry and be outside, I need to run around, I need to blow some stuff up. It can be cool. Yeah, that's how I wound up in the army.

As a sergeant, I worked for a little while with the Director of Army Public Affairs and I met some of the key people in there and they thought I had a face for radio and a good voice, and being bilingual and having done all these things, we should do a podcast, but it never really came together. And then, when the pandemic hit and General Eyre was like, you know: "I want to communicate with people." And Director of Army Public Affairs was like: "Wow, we've been thinking about doing a podcast." And it just kind of came together that way.

I would say the core team is three people and we try and produce something once every two weeks. We have to do English and French, so it's like two separate podcasts. It's a lot of work. We just kind of set up a conference room, the sound board and microphones and a couple of couches and we talk about stuff.

Yeah, so the initial plan was to capture the feeling of a bunch of soldiers going out and having beers and telling their army stories. You know, talking about being on course and stuff like that. We wanted to talk honestly and openly about our experiences, because troops know when you're just telling them stuff. You know what I mean? And we wanted to try and be a little bit more open and relax about our communications.

I'm not gonna lie, it's a challenge. You know, I'm Reservist, so I've been parading with the Governor General's Foot Guards and doing combat support stuff with them, I'm the OPSO in Army Headquarters and that's a pretty big job, and then doing the podcast and all these other stuff.

I couldn't do the podcast without the support of the team. And if we don't foster that spirit of teamwork, we're going to fail. And I'm lucky to work with some really incredible people and they make it work by being able to build a solid functional team.

But the thing that I like the most is learning new things, and sometimes, you don't necessarily have the time to look outside of your trade and look what everybody else is doing. And so the podcast creates a unique opportunity to learn about what other people do. And it's always... Learning new stuff is what keeps me interested in what's happening.

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