NVWSP 2023 video for a youth audience (grade 3 to 6)

Video / October 5, 2023


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Members of our country's military – called the Canadian Armed Forces – have the important job of keeping us and our friends around the world safe.

They help bring peace to countries during conflicts…

They teach what they know to other militaries so they can protect themselves against danger…

And they bring people to safety, deliver supplies like food and medicine, and they help clean up after wildfires, hurricanes, and ice storms here at home.

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To do this work, members of the Canadian Armed Forces show a lot of courage and strength.

They know they might go to places that are dangerous…

They know they might see people who are scared or sad and need their help.

They know it will be hard work.

But they do it because they want to create a better world – for us and for future generations.

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What helps them through these tough situations is the special bond and friendship that members of the Canadian Armed Forces share.

We call this camaraderie.

Military members work as a team.

They encourage each other.

And they support each other to complete every mission they are asked to do.

[15 second pause for transition]

During Veterans' Week and on Remembrance Day, we have the chance, in turn, to show them our support.

It's a time to think about and thank all military members for doing so much for us — whether they are in the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, or the Special Forces.

That includes those who used to serve and aren't in the military anymore.

We call them veterans.

[15 second pause for transition]

There are many ways we can remember.

One way is by going to a Remembrance Day ceremony.

You might have gone to a ceremony at your school, your local cenotaph, or you may have watched it on TV.

[15 second pause for transition]

Every year on November 11th, Canadians pause for a moment of silence to remember all those who have served in uniform and have given so much to keep others safe.

Including those who lost their lives in war.

[15 second pause for transition]

And a young person – like you or me – will sometimes read the Commitment to Remember.

This is our promise to military members and veterans that we'll always remember their sacrifices.

Because of them, we can feel safe, protected, and free.

[15 second pause for transition]

So, during Veterans' Week, make sure you wear a poppy over your heart…

Attend a Remembrance Day ceremony…

Take a moment to thank a veteran or a currently serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces…

Listen to their stories and share those stories with others.

[15 second pause for transition]

And let's keep our promise to remember them.

To remember their bravery, their sacrifices, and their determination to make the world a safer place.

[15 second pause for closing imagery]

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