DT News: Celebrate National Public Service week by virtually participating

Video / June 17, 2020


(Shelley) Happy National Public Service week everyone. This week is a time to acknowledge the contributions of our committed, professional, and hard-working public servants here at Defence.

(Simon Page) Hello everyone. My name is Simon Page, and I’m proud to be your National Public Service Week Champion.

This week, we recognize and celebrate the success and accomplishments of hard-working public servants and the significant role that you all play as members of the Defence Team.

Public servants are instrumental to protecting Canada and Canadians, enabling our Canadian Armed Forces, including support to military members and their families, the development of next-generation technology, and the stewardship of financial and human resources.

(Shelley) While the current situation prevents us from celebrating as we normally might, social media, online videos, virtual awards and recognitions will be used to ensure the Public Service is fully recognized during this week.

You can celebrate achievements by virtually participating in local or national events organized at Defence locations across the country or send your colleagues a “Virtual shout-out” for a job well done.

Instructions on how to do this and more information on National Public Service week can be found in the related links.

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