DND celebrates National Public Service Week 2020 - A message from the Defence Team Champion

June 8, 2020 - Defence Stories

This year, June 14-20 marks the annual National Public Service Week (NPSW) – a time for those who proudly serve Canadians to reflect upon and highlight the major achievements over the past year.

Every day, civilian Defence Team members work alongside their military colleagues to implement Canada’s Defence Policy, making sure Canada is strong at home, secure in North America, and engaged in the world.

Now more than ever, as we adapt and work through the personal and professional challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, you – the civilian members of the Defence Team – have risen to the occasion. You have demonstrated how agile, professional, and hard-working the public servants are here at Defence. You admirably reflect the theme of NPSW - “Proudly Serving Canadians."

Normally during NPSW we gather in offices, bases, and wings across the country to recognize and celebrate our many accomplishments and the work we do to serve Canada and support the Canadian Armed Forces. However, this year is far from normal, so we’re doing things a bit differently.

During NPSW, I encourage you to:

If possible, employees are also encouraged to consider contributing to the National Defence COVID-19 Emergency Charity Campaign. This is an opportunity to support fellow Canadians in your own community who have been the most dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am also thrilled this year to be accompanied by our Youth Champion, Patrick Bickerton. Patrick is a young professional who recently joined the Department and is involved within the department’s youth council activities. Patrick joins me in Championing the great work being done across the Defence Team. He will help ensure that younger public servants at DND continue to be engaged and proud of the work they do, knowing that it makes a difference for all Canadians.

We should all take great pride in the work that we do, knowing that we’re upholding fundamental Canadian values and principles. The recent tragic events that occurred during Operations REASSURANCE and INSPIRATION make us pause and reflect in an even more profound way about our role and responsibilities. I know that it has made me think about the values of commitment and service we embrace with such pride.

As the Defence Team Champion for NPSW, I would like to thank you for your continued diligence, hard work, and excellence in the service of Canada and Canadians.

Have a wonderful week!


Simon Page
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
National Public Service Week Champion

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