DT News: Defence Research and Development Canada supports COVID-19 response

Video / July 23, 2021


(PLD) Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Defence Research and Development Canada has provided key support to the Canadian Armed Forces, demonstrating the versatility and agility of its science and technology program.

The Canadian Armed Forces recently marked one year since completing their deployment to long-term care homes in Ontario and Quebec under Operation LASER, the Canadian military’s response to the worldwide pandemic. Defence researchers collaborated in a multi-organization team to assess the stress and resiliency of Op LASER personnel.

At the request of the Surgeon-General, DRDC also modelled the potential heat risk to Canadian Armed Forces members of wearing personal protective equipment while performing operational duties and provided recommendations on cooling and scheduling breaks.

Beyond Op LASER, DRDC developed a modelling tool called the “COVID-19 Missed Infection Calculator” to present Canadian Armed Forces decision makers with the information they need to assemble their teams safely with reduced risk to members.

DRDC continues to support the operational requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces with a wide array of science and technology solutions tailored to its current and evolving needs – even in a pandemic posture.

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