Measures to ensure the health and safety of our teams across the country

Video / August 10, 2020


Bases, Wings and other Defence facilities have implemented measures to ensure the health and safety of our teams across the country.

If maintaining a 2-metre physical distance is impossible, masks are to be worn by all personnel.

All communal and personal surfaces must be routinely disinfected.

Defence establishments are adhering to the directives and guidance from:

  • the Public Health Agency of Canada;
  • national and provincial regulations; and
  • Workplace cleaning and sanitation best practices.

Other measures being taken, or soon-to-be implemented include:

  • marked one-way pathways and staircases;
  • Priority for elevators given to individuals who are mobility impaired; and
  • availability of hand sanitizers at each entrance and exit.

Frequent hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds is still the most effective way to sanitize hands.

Direction will be provided to L1s and Commands on how individual workspaces can and should be occupied moving forward…

…and some washrooms will have limited occupancy.

For more information and up-to-date guidance, visit the related links for more details.

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