Mission: Workplace Well-being

Video / October 29, 2020


We asked different leaders across the Defence Team what they’re doing to promote a healthy workplace where they are. This is what they told us:

LGen Mike Rouleau – Vice Chief of the Defence Staff
For you, leaders out there, be especially clear that you have to look after your troops and create a climate where everybody feels productive and is contributing to the mission.

Col Normand Gagné – Commander, 3 Wing Bagotville
We're a big family and we know that strong communication, healthy minds and healthy bodies are part of what helps us stay safe and well.

Seyi Okuribido-Malcolm – Deputy Director, Strategy and Planning, Directorate for Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
From my perspective, it is critical for a healthy workplace to ensure that all of their employees and members feel welcomed, respected, included regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, education or rank.

Isabelle Desmartis – Assistant Deputy Minister (Defence Research and Development Canada)
We build a culture of respect, diversity and inclusion, and we stay connected. Thank you.

RAdm Rebecca Patterson - Commander, Canadian Forces Health Services
Defence team members who feel safe and respected at work will contribute meaningfully to improve our team or to denounce wrongdoing. Working together, we will create a workplace that is healthy and safe.

Capt(N) Pascal Belhumeur – Commander, Canadian Forces Recruiting Group
As members of the Canadian Armed Forces, we inherently understand the benefits of exercise and diet and maintaining a healthy work place.

Cdr Michael Stefanson – Commanding officer, HMCS Winnipeg
Out here for us, health is wealth. We're a long way from home and running a warship is the biggest team sport in the world. Everybody's got a part to play. So, keeping fit, mind, body and spirit is very important for us.

Col Corey Frederickson – Commander, Task Force El Gorah
You don't have to be good at every sport for it to be beneficial for you. You just have to show up and try your best.

Col Patrick Lemyre – Commander, 3rd Canadian Division Support Group
Each of our bases have outstanding programs that have the potential to positively impact our members and communities lives.

CWO Wayne Bantock – Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Canadian Division Support Group
This point is becoming more important in today's world and work together as a team as we attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19.

BGen Michael Wright – Commander, Joint Task Force IMPACT
I also need to make sure that we're providing everything that is necessary to remain physically and mentally resilient. And finally, being deployed away from Canada, we rely on the support of Canadians at home. Thank you for your support.

Rob Chambers – Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure & Environment)
Healthy workplaces start with healthy individuals. I'd invite you this month to reflect on what it takes for you to be healthy. Maybe it's enough sleep, maybe it's the right diet or exercise or stress release through a hobby or activity.

Len Bastien – Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)
So, how do we promote a healthy thriving workplace? Well, in this day and age, given what's going on, we're all about working digitally. And working from anywhere, anywhere that you need to, to be safe.

Capt(N) Sam Sader – Commander, CFB Esquimalt
Healthy Workplace Month is a perfect opportunity to reaffirm our commitment as employer and employees to foster a healthy workplace for all.

VAdm Haydn C. Edmundson – Commander, Military Personnel Command
Being healthy means we can be more productive at home and at work. So, my challenge to you: stay healthy. Stay healthy.

MGen Marc Bilodeau – Canadian Armed Forces Surgeon General
And follow all the Department of National Defence and Public Health guidelines to protect yourself from COVID-19. More than ever, your action helps maintain a healthy workplace.

Laurie-Anne Kempton – Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs)
Healthy Workplace Month, and a reminder to take care of yourself, couldn't come at a better time. I've encouraged my staff to take some time off this fall to take care of themselves and their families, to access resources if needed and to talk to someone about how they're feeling.

Col Éric Laforest – Commander, Task Force Latvia
There's no way around it. A healthy workplace creates a cohesive team that we need to succeed when needed.

Capt(N) Sean Williams – Commander, CFB Halifax
There's a lot more work to do, but I'm proud of the work that we've done and that we're doing to ensure that we have a healthy workplace for everybody. So, I wish you all a safe Healthy Workplace Month.

Kin Choi – Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian)
Wishing you a wonderful month and remember to be kind, to be calm and be safe.

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