Ask Anything: Assistant Deputy Minister of HR-Civilian, Kin Choi

Video / November 27, 2020


That's a really good question, and I think it remains to be seen where we're going to end up, but my sense is probably. We'll probably be in a different space. If we're reading what's happening with the rest of the world, I would urge for us to take advantage of the situation depending on what kind of job you have and where you need to be to perform that job, and your managers will work with you. So I think there are some really good opportunities ahead of us, but it's too early to tell exactly where we will end up. We'll certainly want to look at taking advantage of what we've learned during the pandemic.

The standard response is yes, with certain conditions. I think there’s another service for that at the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff level. So check the conditions and you can submit requests for support.

So, the short answer is yes. We have sent out a note from the Deputy Minister and the CDS on this. So check it out to get all the conditions, but we want to support those that have had expenses incurred. And going forward...

We’re going to work with the Canada Revenue Agency to get the definitions and clarifications on tax questions.

So, we are expecting from the Treasury Board, from CRA, some directions about what the tax applications will be. So, stay tuned on that.

I think the guideline I would say to people is: work with your managers. We've been, I think, pretty compassionate for those that have had issues and that's what 699 is for, being personal, taking care of family members, having COVID yourself and so on. My advice to everybody is really, and to managers, we're going to be compassionate... good employer. You know, but don't game the system and people will support you. We have all sorts of leaves through our collective agreements that are certainly available. And if people need it, we'll work with people.

First, I think it’s important that we take care of ourselves. So, there are resources in the department, like the employee assistance program. We have various applications on our networks that employees have access to.

Really important to take – everybody kind of understand their own situation and take advantage of the resources that are available. I can only imagine for some of our employees how difficult it has been with all the questions they've had. And I think my main advice is don't forget to take care of yourselves first.

So there are a lot – many, many different resources. We have access to that.

So, take advantage of that, take a look at what is on our intranet, on the HR Go app. Various resources. There's a whole section on that. Take care of yourselves. Talk to people. We're here to support you. Your mental health is so, so important, especially if you're going through so many different things that are pulling at you, being a parent and taking care of family and elders and so on. I can only imagine what some of our employees are going through. So, don't forget to take care of yourselves.

Yes. I'm pleased to say that we will be providing that and it's going to launch next week on the 23rd of November across bases and wings throughout Canada and throughout the NCR. So, look for a message to come out shortly on that. And I hope you take the opportunity to get the flu shot. It's really important this year.

Thanks for watching and thanks for asking the questions. So, please keep on asking. Ask anything.

Continue to ask us questions, ask important questions.

Not only will other askers have the same thoughts, but I'm sure many people will have them as well.

The Christmas period, the holiday period will be here soon.

So, it's going to be good to have something to look for throughout the next while for the holiday season. I hope everybody has a chance to spend some time either virtually, I guess, this year, it's going to be probably where we're going to be, but it's really important we stay in touch. Stay in touch with your colleagues and your friends as well. We all need a little bit of human contact.

Again, take care of yourselves. It is very important that we be there for everyone.

I thank you all for all the important work that is going on for DND. Everybody really matters and we couldn't do it without you.

Thank you very much for your support, and keep asking questions online. We are here to answer them. Thank you very much.

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