Happy Holidays from the Defence Team Leaders

Video / December 13, 2023


MND: 2023 has been a busy and productive year. Whether overseas or here at home, our institution has been called upon time after time to deliver results for Canada. As we approach the holidays, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone at the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces for rising to meet the call of service, and for keeping Canada safe.

DM: As we head into the holiday season, we say thank you to the Defence Team. The holidays are a time to reflect on all the people and the things that we are grateful for.

CDS: A time to look back at our accomplishments, and a time to be proud of the challenges we have overcome – and there have been many this year, ranging from wildfires at home to conflicts overseas. You have whole-heartedly supported Canadians through your own lines of work, and your unwavering commitment has not gone unnoticed.

DMA: We sincerely express our deepest appreciation for your tireless dedication and remarkable efforts throughout the year. You have been instrumental in keeping us strong at home and engaged around the world.

CAFCWO: In the upcoming weeks, we encourage you to embrace the chance for well-deserved rest and the opportunity to strengthen the connections with your loved ones. Whatever way you choose to revitalize yourself, may it bring you a sense of renewal for both your physical and emotional well-being.

DM: We are continually impressed by your remarkable work and commitment to this team.

CDS: We hope you take this time to rest, and above all, to be with your loved ones.

MND: Thank you for everything that you do to serve your fellow Canadians.

DM: Happy Holidays,

DMA: Happy Holidays,

CAFCWO: Take care everyone.

CDS: See you in 2024.

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