Directive for the Resumption of Activities paves the way for our transition back to work.

message from the deputy minister

Video / June 12, 2020


The terms and conditions of employment and the terms and conditions of return to work and return to the workplace are going to evolve as we move through the phases and stages of return to work.

There’s a lot of work to come. What you need to do is continue to read the material we put out, ask questions, work with your teams below you and the leaders above you to understand the situation of your work group and the individuals who work with you and for you.

This isn't next week, this isn't next month even that we are DND pre-COVID. So, it took us a while to get here. It's going to take longer to get back. It isn't going to be perfect and it's not going to be identical everywhere. So, we're going to be working with each of you as individuals and we need you to look at your individual needs and the needs of your team.

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