Process for Reporting Harassment or Violence in the Workplace

Video / May 27, 2021

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You may have heard about the new workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations for public servants and that these regulations also apply to CAF members involved in an occurrence with a public servant.

But you may not know exactly what to do if you experience or witness it.

First thing, don’t wait. Report it right away to your supervisor or manager, either verbally or in writing, with a Notice of Occurrence form.

You can also report it to the Designated Recipient on their secure voicemail or by emailing them the Notice of Occurrence form.

Your form will then be reviewed, the situation will be assessed for urgency, and you will be contacted within 7 calendar days.

You and your supervisor, manager, or designated recipient will then review the occurrence to determine whether or not it meets the definition of harassment and violence in the workplace.

If you all agree that the occurrence meets the definition, or if you perceive that the occurrence meets the definition while the employer or designated recipient does not, you may continue with the resolution process.

If you and the employer or designated recipient both agree that it does not meet the definition, the occurrence will be deemed resolved.

The Negotiated Resolution process may include meetings with you, your supervisor, manager, and the designated recipient, in an effort to resolve the issue.

The responding party may be involved if you deem appropriate.

If a resolution can’t be found, Conciliation is another option.

The conciliation process includes both mediation and alternate dispute resolution, but only if both sides agree to take part, and agree on who will facilitate.

At any point in the process, you can also choose to initiate a Prevention Investigation.

A prevention investigation will result in a report that reveals the root cause of the occurrence and provides recommendations around how to prevent similar occurrences.

The employer and the local health and safety committee will then jointly review the investigator’s report and determine the implementation of the recommendations.

The investigator’s report will not reveal, directly or indirectly, the identity of anyone involved in the occurrence.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and help is available.

If at any point you require personal support, please contact the Employee Assistance Program or the CAF Member Assistance Program.

And, if you have any questions about this process, visit the New workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations for Defence Team Public Service Employees web page or call HR Connect.

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