The use of personal peripherals on DWAN equipment when teleworking

May 5, 2020 – Defence Stories

It is recognized that DND/CAF teleworkers want the option to connect personal equipment to their portable DWAN computer, either for productivity and/or ergonomics reasons. Generally, this is prohibited however, there are some low risk exceptions. Namely:

Before connecting, users must verify that the equipment is in good condition, unaltered and from a reputable manufacturer. It should be noted that personal devices that are not supported by the DND/CAF service desks and may not function appropriately when connected.

Teleworkers are also reminded that the connection of any other personal equipment , including personal storage devices, smart phones, tablets, printers, faxes, and cameras, to a DWAN computer/laptop, is strictly prohibited.  

Please remain diligent in the care of your DND equipment. Consult the DND/CAF Security Guide for Teleworking, and use the recommended systems while teleworking, such as the Defence O365 Cloud (link accessible only on the National Defence network) and T-DVPNI DWAN laptops.

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