July 17: Twitter Update from the Deputy Minister Jody Thomas

July 17, 2020 – Defence Stories

Friday Update: We knew business resumption wouldn’t be straightforward and we were right. We’re starting to see more return-to-workplace questions that fit in to the “case-by-case decision” category. That’s ok.

To managers or employees having difficulty with decisions or next steps for business resumption within your team—support and guidance is available. Seeking advice is especially important if you are a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who manages civilians.

But the first step should always be discussions between employees and managers. If you can’t reach a solution, the HR GO RH App, HR Connect, local union reps, and Labour Relations advisors are there to support.

All of these complex circumstances have solutions. Perhaps not the exact solutions we’d all choose in a best-case scenario, but we’re not *in* a best-case scenario.

As a Department, we are working to find reasonable accommodations for those who need them. Defence Team members can help by working within the guidelines and systems we have in place to accommodate during COVID.

We all need to look for common ground, exercise maximum flexibility, and work through this, together. Respectfully, with patience, and like the professional public servants we are proud to be. #WashYourHands #WearAMask

On a non-COVID endnote, congratulations again to Lieutenant-General (LGen) Christine Whitecross and LGen Jean-Marc Lanthier on their well-deserved retirements this week. Our #DefenceTeam family is stronger because of you both.

Jody Thomas
@DMDND_SMMDN (external link)

This Twitter thread (external link) from Deptuy Minister Jody Thomas can be viewed in full on Twitter.

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