Virtual Interactions “Internet Etiquette” Guide

August 4, 2020 – Defence Stories

Welcome to the new normal, where we meet our clients and colleagues through a screen. This guide teaches you internet etiquette and provides tips for successful virtual interactions!

  1. Stay Organized

    As the organizer:

    • Send participants calendar invite with the meeting link ahead of time.
    • Send an overview of what to expect.
    • Send all required documents and tools.

    As a participant:

    • Log in using the link before the scheduled meeting/event to see that it works.
    • Have your tools ready ahead of the event.
  2. Arrange Your Environment

    Find a quiet place in your home and let those living with you know that you will be unavailable for the scheduled time.

    • If you have loved ones, let your colleagues know that they could possibly require your attention.
    • Mute your line if you are not speaking, so there is no background noise.
  3. Dress the Part

    Although our homes are a casual setting, it is important you dress the part for your virtual meeting/event.

    • Wear dark colours when you have a white, light, or brightly coloured background.
    • Wear light colours when you have a dark coloured background.
  4. Respect Your Online Colleagues

    Respecting the speakers/presenters during an online session is essential. Give your full attention to the participants as you would if you were physically together.

    • Be attentive.
    • Use interactive functions like the raise hand, thumbs up, chat features.
    • Do not interrupt, if someone is speaking.
    • Turn off your video and let your colleagues know, if you need to step away.
    • Mute your line to eat or drink.
    • Avoid phone calls.
    • Avoid multitasking.
  5. Your Questions

    Here is how and when you should share your questions:

    • While on mute, write down your questions.
    • Share your questions through the chat function, if invited.
    • Email your questions to the point of contact provided.
  6. Technology and Security

    Protect the information you are sharing by:

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