Managers: Get Ready for Mapping Blitz 3

September 15, 2020 - Defence Stories

To prepare for the mandated Treasury Board Secretariat’s (TBS) classification conversion (link accessible only on the National Defence network) initiative, Director, Civilian Classification and Organization (DCCO) is updating job descriptions of all civilian positions by “mapping” them to Standardized Job Descriptions (SJDs) (link accessible only on the National Defence network). This exercise is called a “mapping blitz” and will continue until 90% or more of all civilian positions are mapped to the appropriate SJD and 100% of jobs are up-to-date.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, mapping blitz 3 was delayed, but DCCO has been working in the background to ensure the Department remains on track for upcoming conversion of the CS, PA, and FI groups.

TBS policy states that SJDs will be used, wherever applicable. DCCO will apply SJDs where there’s a clear fit based on the work assigned and what’s needed in the organization. Establishing a good fit means that the work in the job description covers the majority of the work that’s assigned to an employee.

For more information or questions, visit the Classification Renewal Gcintranet (link accessible only on the Government of Canada network) page or contact DCCO (link accessible only on the National Defence network).

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