November 27: Twitter Update from the Deputy Minister Jody Thomas

December 1st, 2020 – Defence Stories

Friday update: Your voice and perspective matters now, more than ever. The Public Service Employee Survey launches 30 November. Please participate. It’s anonymous and your input helps us plan and implement improvements.

DND Flu Clinics started up this week in St-Jean and Cold Lake. Those most often in the physical workplace will have priority. I’ll be getting mine at the NCR clinic the week of 7 December. Please watch your inbox for information.

On December 3 we recognize the International Day of #PersonswithDisabilities. @DefenceCIO will be leading a virtual event featuring #DefenceTeam colleagues sharing their experiences about living and working with disabilities during #COVID.

How are you holding up? It’s fair to say that COVID is having an impact on all of our mental health. But that’s no reason to downplay or brush off what you’re personally going through. Reach out. We’re here.

All #DefenceTeam members have access to trained professionals if you want to talk. Both the Employee Assistance Program for civilians and the CAF Member and Family Assistance Services are free, confidential and available right now.

Your actions matter. Kindness, supporting colleagues, following local public health guidance: it all helps. We all have the ability to make a difference when we pull together. (And #WashOurHands)

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