Security awareness - Let's talk social!

November 9, 2020 - Defence Stories

Security and the Defence Team: Director General - Defence Security, VCDS
Security awareness - Lets talk social!. Text version below.
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Let’s talk social!

You are probably on multiple platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Don’t forget that you represent the Department of National Defence (DND) / Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) ON and OFF duty. Everything you post may potentially compromise DND/CAF information, assets and resources, and could have severe consequences to operational tasks and to the safety of personnel.

Key facts

  1. Be careful what you post or comment, it is public and should be considered a permanent part of the public record.
  2. If not careful, your personal information (and your family’s information) could be readily accessible to the general public and to undesirable audiences.
  3. It is important to remain respectful and ethical, and to follow security policies that are in place. 

Think before you click!

  • Ask yourself before you post:
    Could the video, images or comments have an inappropriate impact or reflect discredit on DND/CAF or on any of its members?
  • Be aware of your affiliation with the DND/CAF. This may seem harmless to you, but you must be careful when you share any information which could compromise the personal security with details such as:
    • Pictures of you in uniform
    • Event photos with family or colleagues
    • Current or past information on postings/deployments
  • Remember to review your account’s security and privacy policies often. They change with little notice.
  • Be informed before releasing DND/CAF information on social media. You must follow release procedures as found in NDSOD Chapter 6: Security of Information.

Don’t be THAT person!

  • Do not share DND/CAF information on social media
    Unclassified information does not automatically mean it can be released to the public or be open to all DND/CAF without a need-to-know. Approved release procedures must be followed.
  • Do not tag or share photos of colleagues or friends without their permission
    Ensure that all individuals whose images or personal information you use, have given their consent.
  • Do not over share personal information
    Only YOU need to know your home address, phone number, social insurance number and banking information.
  • Do not share your official or personal e-mail
    Use a generic e-mail address instead.
  • Do not include images or identifiers
    DND/CAF logos, badges, crests and emblems.
  • Do not speak on behalf of DND/CAF, unless you are designated as an official spokesperson
  • Do not post to, like, comment or share from, an organization that is known to promotediscriminatory views
    (CANFORGEN 016 / 18, CDS Direction on Professional Military Conduct, Para 8); and QR&O 19.14 - Improper comments.) 

Suspected security incidents related to social media may be reported to the Director General – Defence Security (DGDS) Security Incident Management at ++DGDS SIMGIS@VCDS DGDS@Ottawa-Hull (DWAN) or to your Chain of Command, USS, ISSO, or the Military Police. Follow the procedures in NDSOD Chapter 12: Security Incident Management.

For more tips and information:

NDSOD Chapter 17: Security and Social Media (Accessible only on the National Defence network.)

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