Managers: Your role in reclassification; a question of ethics

January 11, 2021 - Defence Stories

When the work structure changes, new technology is introduced, or some portions of the work are no longer required, the manager must validate that the job descriptions on positions impacted still applies. This must be done promptly to ensure the employee has an up-to-date job description.

A reasonable timeframe to validate positions is within the first 2 months of the change, but no later than 6 months. It’s critical to be transparent with employees and let them know, in writing, what work has changed and the effective date of the change.

If the work has evolved beyond the current job description, your role as manager is to send it to E-Class for a review.  This may lead to a new position or a reclassification, depending on the nature of the change. Classification advisors will make that decision.

If a position in your organization is reclassified, below are a few considerations.

This will ensure a smooth transition for you and for the employee in the position. For more information, read Director Civilian Classification and Organization (DCCO)’s directive on Value and Ethics for classification [WORD - 41KB] (accessible only on the National Defence network) or contact E-Class.

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