Share your thoughts on the five proposed designs for the National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

May 25, 2021 - Defence Stories


A soldier from the Mission Transition Task Force – Force Protection Company gets ready to conduct a live night range exercise on 14 Oct 2011 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Credit DND photo

Veterans Affairs Canada and Canadian Heritage are pleased to reveal the five concepts for the National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. We invite all Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members to take a moment to view the concepts and complete the short survey before June 9 at

The National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan will recognize the commitment and sacrifice of the more than 40,000 Canadians who served there, and the support provided to them by Canadians at home, as well as the families whose lives were changed by the mission.

Please take the time to share your views, as we value your comments. A jury of experts and stakeholders will consider the survey responses when selecting the winning design, which we plan to announce in the fall.

The National Monument to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan is part of our commitment to always remember. With your input, we can help pay tribute to all those who served in Afghanistan, commemorate our fallen, and honour the sacrifices of members and their families.

For more information on the monument, please visit

Canada remembers.


The CAF conducted operations in Afghanistan in a number of different roles involving air, land and sea assets. CAF activities included combat, security, development, support and training operations in varying capacities and regions in Afghanistan.
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On 20 November 2007, residents from the town of Cobourg brave the chilly November night air to show their support for Corporal Nicolas Beauchamp and Private Michel Jr. Levesque, who both died in Afghanistan on 17 November 2007.
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