The Canadian Armed Forces rolls out a modern competency evaluation system

June 4, 2021 - Defence Stories

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members will soon be appraised annually in a more scientific way. The new Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) system began to roll out in April 2021 for over 1,000 CAF members as part of phase 1 of the implementation. CAF members will start using this digital system for the Job Description, Member Aspiration Profile (MAP), and Feedback Notes to support a Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Appraisal System (CFPAS) Personnel Evaluation Report (PER) for until the full implementation of PaCE in April 2022. The PaCE system is digital and competency based, eventually replacing CFPAS, which was designed in the 1990s and uses a paper reporting method.

One of the many benefits of the new system is that the digital aspect of PaCE allows for more efficiency with improved record keeping. Performance of CAF members is tracked throughout the year using Feedback Notes, supporting a continuous conversation between members and supervisors that is documented in the system. The Feedback Notes follow each CAF member as they move between positions, and can contain critical information such as commendations, completion of courses, or training (with the option of an accompanying scan of a supporting documents, such as a course certificate being electronically attached).

PaCE also supports both the CAF and its members by growing our leadership from within. In the PaCE system, some members will be evaluated for potential. The aim is to develop successful leaders,  all rank levels, who epitomize our values and embrace the objectives and strategies of the CAF.

All CAF members will be required to take mandatory online training for the new system through the Defence Learning Network (DLN). The training will be modularized and personalized according to their role: members will only need to do the modules related to their role in performance appraisal (e.g., member, reviewing officer, etc.). In the meantime, to prepare for the change, all members should register for a Monitor MASS account and become familiar with the system, for example generating leave passes. Monitor MASS is the backbone for the PaCE application.

To learn more about PaCE, visit the Performance and Competency Evaluation (PaCE) webpage (accessible only on the National Defence network).

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