Defence Team “Virtual Shout-Out” Bulletin Board: National Public Service Week Edition

June 14, 2021 - Defence Stories

Way to go! Nice work! Keep it up!

Celebrate National Public Service Week by leaving a message of recognition for a deserving Defence Team colleague!

National Public Service Week (NPSW) presents a special opportunity to recognize the hard-work and contributions of all Defence Team members that help shape National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces into the dynamic organization we see today.

What better way to acknowledge a colleague’s contribution than by leaving them a “Virtual Shout-Out” during NPSW? Your Virtual Shout-out will be featured in the Bulletin Board below, accompanying other Defence Team members who have received acknowledgement from their colleagues.

Want to see your colleague's great work featured here? If so, please e-mail all shout out requests to the Corporate Awards and Recognition Secretariat at Please be sure to provide the email(s) of the person(s) being recognized.


June 14, 2021 – National Public Service Week

IT Svcs would like to thank Natalia Juhasz of Saint-Jean Tech Svcs for lending us a hand. When she heard that the IT Svcs Procurement Cell was behind schedule, she did not hesitate to contact us and offer her help. Here initiative showed her tremendous open-mindedness and her dedication to 2 CDSG. Natalia had no problem taking on extra work and learning more about IT equipment acquisitions. Her professionalism enabled her to effectively establish contracts and enabled IT Svcs to fulfill their commitments to their clients. There has been a huge increase in IT purchase requisitions due to telework, and Natalia’s help was greatly appreciated. Thank you, Natalia, for your professionalism and dedication! You are a model for everyone.

– Svc TI du GS 2 Div CA

Kaitlin Crank and Lindsay Wells – You have both been such an amazing support for me and the rest of our team. I specifically want to recognize how you have gone above and beyond to support me as a student from the moment I began in November of 2018, and you have been great professional role-models for me. You are always so willing to help out with anything! You are brilliant examples of what it means to support a student at DND and what it means to be a mentor. I value your insight so much and cannot express just how much I appreciate you. Lindsay – you are so quick to point me toward resources and check-in with me to see how school is going. Kaitlin – you are always available for a phone call, and you help me learn new skills every day. Thank you both for being the best Staffing Coordinators ever. Andrea Spencer, I am so happy to see you following their footsteps in this role. I love our team!

– Ariana Coleman

Shout-out to CPO2 Marc Grimard. He has shown amazing support to his staff, both before this difficult year and especially during. He works longer hours than should be expected and regularly answers emails on the weekend. Whenever any of his staff is having trouble with a BADM client, he is never far away (virtually of course) and ready to offer back-up when needed. Members of his staff feel safe, knowing that inappropriate behaviour will never be tolerated from clients, and that any transgressions will be dealt with immediately and taken to the highest level when required.

– Simon Pauze

To all the ADM(IE) L2 IMOs, Jennifer Gryba, Dan Daoust, Aleisha Villeneuve, Dana Boxma, Matthew Lahey, Gail Mifflin, and Jason Purcell, our GCDocs support, Otley Cullen, and our IM student, Grace Howard-Smith, thank you for making my job easier as the L1 IMO by contributing ideas, feedback, and responding to L0 requests in a timely manner.  Now that I have served in this role for almost a year, I want to let you know how I appreciate your continued support, as it has helped us apply a unified approach to the implementation of IM within the organization.  I look forward to the day when I can meet with you all personally, but for now our virtual environment keeps us safe.

– Michelle Nowlan

Mr Emond-Paradis is an all-too-often unsung contributor on many major projects where the organization and the team benefit from his knowledge and dedication. His enthusiasm and team spirit make him an important member in an organization like the Naval Reserve. He is deeply involved at the strategic, governance and operational levels and has a positive impact that enables tools such as risk management and health & safety, to name but a few, to see progress and be useful to everyone. He has tremendous potential for advancement in the organization but receives too little recognition overall. I think his efficiency is significant enough that his nomination deserves consideration. Alexandre Emond-Paradis has shown dedication and his contribution to furthering progress is a source of inspiration in the team and the organization. Thank you Mr Emond-Paradis for your outstanding work!

– Daniel Soucy

This shout-out is for David Tremblay C.D., M.Eng. David is an asset to the future of DND.  Coming from the ranks of the Navy, his discipline is evident yet awash with skill, compassion, innovation and foresight. I served in the GoC for 3 years, and the environment was competitive and limiting.  After fulfilling a contract, I was plucked out of a pool of people to join David’s team. The team culture David has carefully propagated is a breath of fresh air! Under COVID stressors, his diligence and perseverance made on-boarding happen.  It’s what happened next that makes him a stand-out and a positive part of the transformation mandated for future government culture. Proper time for training, access to training tools, time and conditions for work that support health, mindfulness and respect. He inspires a desire to please, develop and over-deliver. This is who I want to work with.

– Anonymous

I would like to nominate Nathalie Letendre, Risk Management and Inspection Officer at the Naval Reserve. Ms Letendre is a high-energy person. Her enthusiasm and team spirit make her a natural team builder. By using her skills as a communicator and sharing her knowledge, she has created a highly dynamic team spirit. The well-being of her personnel is crucial and especially now, when things are harder for everyone. The team, which had been weakened by the departure of its key IC, was eager for the arrival of a replacement. She wasted no time and very quickly rekindled the flame in every team member, and for that she deserves to be recognized for her simplicity and contagious laugh. Thank you Ms Letendre, and bravo!

– Daniel Soucy

Shout-out to Major Peter DesRoches from the Canadian Army Directorate of Land Requirements for moving the Advanced IED Detect and Defeat Project through the Defence Capability Board 2, despite many challenges. He managed to complete the Business Case Analysis and Preliminary Statement of Requirements while navigating a volatile staffing environment: the project MWO was posted out early, the Deputy Project Director is about to retire, and there was a change in contractors that required the training of a new arrival. He managed all this as a new arrival and during a pandemic and while having to find and then give up his IR apartment in the NCR. A busy year, but you got through it Pete!

- Lieutenant-Colonel Pascal Boucher

Thank you PO2 Jonathan McGregor of HMCS VANCOUVER for your dedication and hard work while we get HMCS VANCOUVER prepared to Sail. You have gone above and beyond normal expectations and it has been appreciated.

– Anonymous

Shout-out to S1 Amanda Polus of CANFLTPAC HQ, SHO, your positive disposition and demeanour is appreciated, and your joy is contagious in the office

– Anonymous

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to our MFRC here in Cold Lake. They provide amazing activities for adults and families. I’m thankful for you all and a proud military wife here in beautiful Cold Lake. Take care and enjoy your day.

– Alisha Bramwell 

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Lt(N) Richardson. Since I began working at 22 CFHSC, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some very strong and supportive women. Lt(N) Richardson has been both receptive and supportive of new ideas and growth here in this building. She is a very hardworking individual who doesn’t give herself enough credit for what she does and accomplishes. She has an open-door policy, or at least that’s how I see it, lol.  She always has a nice smile and will listen to you. Kindness goes a long way, and for that alone she deserves a shout-out.

– Alisha Bramwell

DCSEM7 Team – I want to thank you immensely for your perseverance and dedication to improving the services and support we provide to the Canadian Army.  If I could quote Martin Luther King Jr: “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.”  The intricate work of transforming ourselves and our tasks over the last few years has been nothing short of challenging, and I am glad I have been on this journey facing the next problem with you.

– Jennifer Cassar

I would like to take the time to recognize two very distinct and different personalities at our unit:  Sgt MJ Lavoie and Sgt Jodi Tatchell.  Both are deserving of great respect and honour.  Over the course of the last month, I have watched both these remarkable women perform under less-than-ideal conditions.  I work at 7 Hangar Orderly Room, 19 Wind Comox, as a civilian clerk and have never seen such dedication and drive.  Sgt Lavoie is an FSA and is known for her amazing ability to get a job done, and I am in total awe of her talents and abilities.  Sgt Tatchell is an HRA and she will help you get your pay sorted out, among various other things.  She is one of the most kind and generous people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  She can take your frown and turn it upside down.  I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with her outstanding ability to turn any bad day into a good one.  Please let the military world know that these two sergeants are a wonder to behold.  Both are an absolute joy to work with.

– Ray Rulton, CD

Shout-out to all of our Mental Health Staff here at 22 CFHSC 4 Wing Cold Lake. Our unit went through some difficult times during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and our staff were spread very thin. It was a very busy time: we had to move to a new building/clinic while preparing a safe work environment.  The MH team here really stepped up. Liz Godin decorated the waiting room in different themes to lighten the mood, which everyone looked forward to, and made a lot of people smile. They not only comforted the military members but completed check-ins with the civilian staff as well. I feel the MH staff worked more than their fair share of hours last year, and I believe they should get recognized for that. So, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING OUR CANADIAN ARMED FORCES MEMBERS, BUT ALSO FOR LOOKING OUT FOR ALL STAFF HERE AT 22! I appreciate you!

– Alisha Bramwell

I would like to extend a virtual shout out to Jayson Lavergne. Jayson, the National Student Hiring Team wishes to acknowledge your excellent support in helping us promote the use of DND Careers to recruit student talent to HR staff and clients. Your live demo of DND Careers is key in showing how easy DND Careers is to use! Thank you as well for your support in training my staff how to do this so we can all do these live demos in the future. A big Thank You!

– Roxana Kendall & Brian Paziuk

Shout-out to S1 Andrew Zorz, who has been employed in the Cryptological Deployed Support Element (CDSE)-Light / MOONLIGHT development team within 3 Sqn at CFS Leitrim since June 2020 in direct support of RCN deployments. He initiated and incorporated the training required for this prototype into the Sqn’s Job Qualifications Library. He taught the suite of tools to deploying members and adopted the usage of a ticketing system database to create records of support and document lessons learned for deployed personnel using the prototype.  He has briefed General Officers from all levels on the future that the CDSE-L can realize for CFS Leitrim and the CAF.  A huge thank you for your hard work and dedication!

– CO CFS Leitrim & Chain of Command.

Shout-out to Cpl Gael Danguy-Pichette, who was abruptly thrust into a leadership role within the Terrestrial Systems Management (TSM) section of 3 Sqn at CFS Leitrim. Not only did he embrace the challenge but excelled in his new responsibilities.  In the absence of any SNCO or 2IC, Cpl Danguy-Pichette investigated the global and regional effects of a terrestrial system deficiency at the unit’s strategic front end, liaising with numerous internal and external stakeholders to gather accurate and relevant information. He worked diligently to identify national capability deficiencies, quickly developed them into numerous COAs to address operational concerns. His metrics were used directly to brief the chain of command on the impact; supported technicians to temporary break-fix a solution until a more robust effort is deployed; and used to establish SOPs for his successor. We appreciate all of his hard work and support, his initiative will be missed as he is releasing this summer to pursue higher education in France.

– CO CFS Leitrim & Chain of Command.

We would like to submit a virtual shout-out to Captain Mario Tremblay, Administration Officer at 2 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, for his involvement and dedication in producing unit honours and awards files. Capt Tremblay has shown a keen interest in highlighting the work of our members, and his efforts have made it possible to submit more than 20 files, including several for high-level recognitions. His work meets not only the general intention of showcasing excellence in the CAF, but also that of putting the Canadian Rangers and Junior Canadian Rangers at the forefront of our actions. Many thanks to you and your team for your efforts and bravo to the unit’s many recipients!

– Maj Branco

I would like to give another shout out to some staff here in Cold Lake. Here at 22 CFHSC in cold lake Alberta we have an amazing pharmacist. Sheila Haiden is an incredibly smart lady with a compassion for patient care as well as kindness for the staff. Sheila never disappoints us. If she doesn’t know something she will look it up for us, supports us in emergencies, handles any difficulties happening with nothing but professionalism. She is always up for lending a hand no matter the task. Her wonderful work ethic is a pleasure to see, and so appreciated. I would like her recognized for all of these traits. She has done all of this with being short staffed many times over the last 9ish months. She is a great asset to us here at 22 health services. Thank you Sheila, I soooo appreciate you and your profession! Cheers!

– Alisha Bramwell

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